Adventures in Italy: Florence
Adventures in Italy: Siena (Letters to Juliet Tour)
Adventures in Italy: Rome
100 Days!
Look What You’ve Done
Adventures in Italy: Verona (Letters to Juliet Tour)
Reflecting on 2023, and Looking Ahead to 2024
A Prayer During War
Life Since October 7th – One Month of Israel at War
Reaching “ONE” Among a Hundred
A Bond of Briars
October 12th – My 26th Birthday
Dear Reader… THIS is Our God (A Testimony)
Becoming Free Indeed
Caroline George – Letting Go Isn’t the Same as Giving Up
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Welcome to Inspire Truth!

My name is Hannah-rose Russell. I am a writer with a passion for sharing the Word of God with those searching for TRUTH while also introducing them to books and people who will INSPIRE and impact their lives.

I pray that Inspire Truth will be a blessing to your life and will lead you to open your heart to the Father because He has something in store for you that is beyond your wildest imagination! There is so much we have yet to understand, but each day we walk with Yeshua (Jesus) is a day closer to learning more about who we are, and the calling God placed on our hearts!


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In March 2023, I visited Italy for a two-week epic adventure that took me through Tuscany, Verona, and Rome! Click on the articles below to read about my incredible journey!

What’s life like in Israel? It may seem like living in the Holy Land is a dream come true, but, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. From struggling with the language barriers to getting into the strangest predicaments, our adventures are never boring. Join us as we travel around the Land! If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry! haha

What are the Feasts of the Lord? Why should believers observe them? How are they significant to our lives and relationship with Yeshua today? The purpose of this series is to inspire readers to dive deeper into the Scriptures and discover a truth not spoken about in Christian church! 

The Significance of the Feasts: Introduction

Recently, I’ve been struggling to understand why my family observes the Feasts of the Lord while the rest of the Christian world ignores them.
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The Significance of the Feasts: Shabbat

In the Bible, there are seven commanded feasts, separated by two seasons; however, there is one feast that takes place every week — Shabbat! 
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The Significance of the Feasts: Passover & Unleavened Bread

What is Passover about? How does Yeshua play a role in this feast? And, is Unleavened Bread a separate holiday? Let's dive in!
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The Significance of the Feasts: Firstfruits

One of the least spoken about or underrated Feasts of the Lord, is the Feast of Firstfruits; but, why is this feast so important?
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The Significance of the Feasts: Shavuot (Pentecost)

Each Spring feast has a profound meaning to the Messiah's life, death, and resurrection; it's an exciting time to read through the Scriptures!
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The Significance of the Feasts: Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets)

Welcome to part two of the Significance of the Feasts series. The Spring Feasts have been fulfilled, and now it's time to dive into Fall!
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The Significance of the Feasts: Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Though most see Yom Kippur as a solemn day, thanks to Yeshua, we don’t have to live in fear that our salvation!
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The Significance of the Feasts: Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Not only is Sukkot the final feast the Lord instructed His people to observe, but it will also become a GAME CHANGER in the coming days!
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