Poem: From the Inside Out (I Am Found Series)

By: Joy Lucia Hunneyball

Speak to me in words soft as silk, tell me my destiny
For it is in you that I find all things, that I find life
I feel the energy inside me, waiting to be released
It’s in the waiting, in the wandering
In the silence, that you speak

The trees stand tall, unwavering
The rivers are unafraid
When society retreats back into its shell
Nature remains, oblivious
Refreshed, unpolluted
Time to reset

Out of my body, movement
In my head, poetry
On my tongue, song
From the inside out
Radiating through me
Feet brushing floor
Pen to paper
Voice shattering silence

You’ve called me to be brave
To go to the places I’m too scared to go
For on the other side of pain, lies joy
On the other side of death, resurrection
You’ve been building a tapestry in my heart
Many colours, each one a step that I took
Closer, further, higher, deeper into you
The journey, though it has been long
Is only just beginning
And many more colours are to be added
Before your work is completed

So lead me in your ways
Guide me on the path of righteousness
Till I reach the mountaintop
And the sun breaks through the clouds


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