Word of Encouragement – Hebrews 11:7

Moving is the most dreaded part of any transition season. Whether you’re moving to a new job, home, or even a different country, the uncertainty and lack of control can leave us feeling unbalanced and overwhelmed about what lies ahead. I can personally relate to these feelings, having experienced them countless times, and unfortunately, it never gets easier. So, how do we combat the enemy’s tactics to use our fears to undermine our trust in God and overshadow the promises written in His Word?

The answer is prayer, worship, and actively mediating on the things of God rather than this world. However, I understand that this is easier said than done. Trust me; there will be days where you’ll feel like you’re on a spinning wheel, eyes tightly closed, while someone throws knives at you. But you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Bible is rich with stories of people who lived by faith rather than sight and witnessed the Lord guide their every step, with Noah being a prominent example.

We’re all familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark — most of us probably had it read to us from infancy. It’s a powerful narrative of God’s mercy and faithfulness; however, when I reread it recently, it was Noah’s unwavering faith that stood out to me. Being in an ark full of animals during a flood is incredible and all, but can you imagine the process leading up to it? For almost a CENTURY, Noah faithfully built the ark according to God’s instructions, firmly believing that despite the ongoing drought, the rain would eventually come! I have no doubt Noah’s neighbors thought him mad — Noah, himself, probably questioned his sanity too. Yet, despite the clear skies and absent rain clouds, he persisted until it was time for his family and the animals to enter the ark and close the door.

Colton Dixon’s song “Build a Boat” beautifully captures the essence of Noah’s journey of walking by faith and not by sight. Colton sings, “Every word You say is gonna come true / You will lead me to the promised land / Everything You say is gonna happen / Even though I haven’t seen it yet / I will build a boat in the sand where they say it never rains / I will stand up in faith, I’ll do anything it takes / With Your wind in my sails, Your love never fails or fades / I’ll build a boat in the desert place / And when the flood and the water starts to rise, yeah / I’ll ride the storm ’cause I got You by my side / With Your wind in my sails, Your love never fails or fades / I’ll build a boat, so let it rain.”

Moving is hard, and walking blind is unsettling, but the Lord promises to lead us. It may seem like the wait is dragging on forever or that time is running out, but Noah’s story reminds us that God’s promises will come to pass, and He will provide in our time of need. Nothing is impossible for Him!

As my family and I pack our house and pray for God’s guidance regarding our latest move, I have no clue where we’ll live at the end of this month, yet I will walk by faith in preparation for where the Lord tells us to go!

What about you? Will you have faith like Noah and remain committed to the work God has called you to, regardless of how long it takes for the rain to come?

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