Poem: For Your Glory (I Am Found Series)

By: Joy Lucia Hunneyball


The giver of life, who made me
He gave me lungs so that I may breathe
He gave me a heart that it might beat
He gave me veins through which my blood flows
I am alive

Every hair on my head he has numbered
Every part of me he made, with intention, with design
I am not an accident; I was made with purpose
I was made with a purpose
That I may go out into the world and live for you

You made me a dancer
Guide me, lead me, show me
How to use my movements for your glory
You made me a singer
Teach me, use me, show me
How to use my voice for your glory
You made me a musician
Impart knowledge, release creativity, show me
How to use my instrument for your glory

Always you are with me
And through me, you live your life
For I am now dead to myself
And without you, I am merely dust
So strengthen me
Give me energy and endurance and the desire to carry on
When things get hard, when I want to give up
Remind me that I am on the right path
That you have given me all I need to continue
Never let me stray, never let me give up
Help me to remember that you are good

When I am weak, give me your strength
When I am overcome by sorrow, give me your joy
When I am conflicted and restless, give me your peace
I will be still and know that you are God


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