Look What You’ve Done

“This is a tender and honest book about the power of truth and Jesus to displace the lies, mistruths, and false narratives we all have adopted to some degree along the way.” ~ Tasha Layton

Throughout 2023, Tasha Layton’s music frequently played during my daily jam sessions, delivering messages of hope, faith, encouragement, and joy. As I enjoyed Tasha’s songs, I dove into her book, Look What You’ve Done, a captivating testimony that explores the key moments of Tasha’s life that shaped her into the God-fearing woman she is today.

“Even when my dreams appeared shattered on the ground before me, God was building something bigger in the background.” ~ Tasha Layton

Though written like a memoir, Look What You’ve Done reads more like a devotional. Tasha speaks directly to the reader with her writing and the thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter. Addressing topics like depression, calling, identity, listening to God’s voice, trusting God to answer our prayers, and stepping out of our comfort zone, each chapter was rich with life lessons that will minister to people’s hearts.

“When we spin our wheels trying to be someone else, it’s usually because we haven’t yet let God tell us who we are.” ~ Tasha Layton

While most authors put themselves at the center of their life stories, Tasha’s approach was refreshing and selfless as she placed God as the protagonist of her story. He was the shining star and her source of hope through each vulnerable revelation and trial. I have so many highlights from the nuggets printed on the pages of this book.

“Hope enables us to envision a brighter future—and the outflow of hope is the gift of peace in the time of waiting and anticipating.” ~ Tasha Layton

Look What You’ve Done is a great book to accompany you during your daily time in the Word. Exploring Tasha’s heart, understanding where she came from, and diving into the deeper meaning of her songs was an enriching experience. Beyond that, though, allowing God to speak to me through Tasha’s testimony was a powerful reminder of His continuous presence and work in my life.

“How different would the world be if we each found our calling in God and let Him be the one to decide whether we’re living up to it or not?” ~ Tasha Layton

If you’re a fan of Tasha Layton’s music or merely looking for a testimony that will inspire you to draw closer to God, Look What You’ve Done should be at the top of your TBR list.

“‘Look What You’ve Done’ is not only the name of one of my songs; it’s also the theme of my life. It captures how God has taken my broken pieces and made them whole.” ~ Tasha Layton

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing this pre-release copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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My favorite quotes:

“People who are really living life to the fullest are not angsty about their dreams; they are living in the belief that God is the Source of their hope.” ~ Tasha Layton

“God’s timing is, indeed, perfect. And His no today may just lead you to a much more beautiful yes.” ~ Tasha Layton

“Until we start practicing gratitude for what we have and who God made us to be, we may never be able to truly accomplish what our hearts are made for.” ~ Tasha Layton

“Focusing on what you don’t have or what you haven’t accomplished makes it nearly impossible to celebrate the things you do have.” ~ Tasha Layton

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