The Sacredness of Secular Work

Having been a fan of Jordan Raynor since reading Called to Create four years ago, my anticipation for his latest book, The Sacredness of Secular Work, was high. As I opened my Kindle to read, I expected to discover more nuggets of wisdom and applicable practices to enhance my work life. Instead, I found a theological discussion that left me wanting more. While Jordan’s usual emphasis on the importance of our work and glorifying God remained evident, this book didn’t resonate with me as his previous works have.

“The core idea of this book is that in addition to your work having instrumental value, it has eternal intrinsic value to God.” ~ Jordan Raynor

After dedicating my life to the Lord on my twentieth birthday, I view my work as God’s. My identity rests in Him, and I aim to do everything for His honor and praise. While the Bible mentions the faithful receiving great rewards, I struggled with Jordan’s focus on eternal rewards being a primary drive to excel in our work and share Yeshua with others, particularly in chapter four, where Jordan discusses why we should “Unashamedly Chase After Eternal Rewards” and “How to Maximize Your Eternal Rewards.”

Nevertheless, I appreciated Jordan’s unique perspective on understanding the Gospel through the entire Bible, even though there were moments of theological disagreement. His insightful remarks about Yeshua as the first gardener and last Adam also stood out. However, the assertion that secular work is equivalent to ministering the Gospel raised my concerns. Despite valuing secular jobs and recognizing their essential role, I disagree that effectiveness in the Kingdom can be achieved without actively ministering the Gospel since our Great Commission is to make disciples and share the Word wherever we go. Now, that will look different for everyone, but the overarching objective remains the same — shining God’s glory and serving others so they might see the love and devotion of their Savior. Our jobs are vessels to do this, though they do not define our identity — God does. Therefore, everything we do should be done unto Him and in His name; otherwise, we are not in the right place.

The purpose of your life isn’t something as small and fleeting as your happiness. The purpose of your life is to participate in the ultimate cosmic drama—working with God to cultivate heaven on earth. ‘Forget ‘happiness’; you are called to a throne. ~ Jordan Raynor

The epilogue of The Sacredness of Secular Work was a highlight for me as it offered a clear summary of Jordan Raynor’s intended message. Despite my reservations and disagreements with some aspects of this book, I found value in the breakdowns, particularly the “Seven Ways To Make Disciples at Work.”

While The Sacredness of Secular Work missed the mark for me, I can see how it will be a tool for others. Having had multiple conversations with Jordan Raynor, I know he has a heart for serving and encouraging others that their work matters to God, as evident in every book he publishes. So, I will end this review with a word of encouragement. If you’re struggling to find purpose in your work, speak to your coworkers about your faith, or balance your faith with your profession, The Sacredness of Secular Work might be the book for you. It will likely resonate with many in the workforce, encouraging believers to be open about their faith, build connections, and align their work with a broader sense of purpose. Although The Sacredness of Secular Work was not as impactful for me as Redeeming Your Time (still the GOAT of time management books), I hope it will inspire others to fearlessly express their faith and embrace the opportunities the Lord brings their way.

When you know that God cares about 100 percent of the time you spend at work and not just the 1 percent when you get to explicitly share the gospel, it makes you come fully alive. And fully alive people attract the lost like honey attracts bees, giving us an endless stream of opportunities to boldly proclaim the hope we have in Christ.” ~ Jordan Raynor

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.*

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