Poem: A Speck Within the Cosmos (I Am Found Series)

By: Joy Lucia Hunneyball

When I was still far away, you came running to meet me
When all around me was chaos, you held me then
And you hold me now, as I step into new places
Wading through the shallows into colder water

You have made me a warrior
My weapon is my voice
I shall sing of your glory
I shall play new songs
I will tell of your worth
My war cry shall be ‘Abba!’
Only you bring life
Only you can save

Without you there is nothing
Even the Earth will fall away
Without your hands that hold it
A speck within the cosmos
How is it that you are mindful of man?
How is it that you know our names?
And call us chosen, beloved
With all the wonders of the universe
You made us alone in your image

You gave us voices to sing of your worth
You gave us feet to dance with heavenly weight
You gave us hands to write of all that you have done
And you gave us hearts that ache to hear your voice
Souls that shimmer when your presence descends
Spirits that pour out into our earthly forms,
Filling our deepest chasms with light

Make me your vessel,
mold, bend, shape, fashion me,
Till I am unrecognisable to myself
Let every movement serve you
Every step align with yours
Without you I am dust
Without you I am nothing
But in you, I am found
Your light will shine through me
And the darkness will not overcome it.


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