Women’s Fiction

In This Moment (Timeless: Book 2)

Have you ever finished a book and wished you could turn back the clock to re-read it for the first time? In This Moment is that book for me!

Famous for a Living

Famous for a Living is a fun, quirky, feel-good, humorous contemporary novel I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

Code Name Edelweiss

Code Name Edelweiss is a historical fiction novel set in Hollywood in 1933 amidst the rise of anti-Semitism.

The Enlightenment of Bees

In her jet-setting novel, The Enlightenment of Bees, Rachel Linden explores the timeless question of purpose, a conflict all of us go through!

I Was Anastasia

A fascinating novel full of drama, romance, and mystery; I Was Anastasia flawlessly reveals the story of the Romanovs and Anna Anderson!

Authentically, Izzy

A bundle of joy, wit, and literature, full of laugh-out-loud and swoon-worthy moments, Authentically, Izzy is a delight to read/listen to!

Yesterday’s Tides

Grab yourselves a box of tissues and a copy of Yesterday’s Tides because Roseanna M. White has outdone herself with her latest release!

What Happens Next

Award-winning author Christina Suzann Nelson captivates readers with her latest release, What Happens Next!

Pretty Little Pieces

Pretty Little Pieces is a tribute to anyone looking for hope after sorrow, faith after disappointment, and love after heartbreak.

Beneath His Silence

In her dazzling debut novel, Hannah Linder captures her readers’ attention until the wee hours of the night with a gothic regency tale.

The Italian Ballerina

Taking readers on a journey between the past and present, The Italian Ballerina, is a story of loss, redemption, sacrifice, love, and faith.

Meet Me in the Margins

I found Meet Me in the Margins to be a witty and entertaining read; however, I still can’t find the words to rave about it.

After She Falls

Bethany House turns edgy with Carmen Schober’s debut novel, After She Falls, an action-packed story that will surprise you!

She Wouldn’t Change a Thing

A mix between Inception and The Midnight Library, Sarah Adlakha tackles life, choice, love, and eternity in her dazzling debut novel.

The Librarian of Saint-Malo

Bringing history to life, The Librarian of Saint-Malo combines fiction and non-fiction into an elegant yet devastating tale.

Plot Twist

Have you ever been so infuriated with a book, yet you couldn’t stop reading because the writing was so good?!

The Paris Dressmaker

Fabulous! The Paris Dressmaker was an elegant and captivating novel about the horrors, risks, and hardships Parisians faced in the City of Love during the Nazi occupation. Taking readers into the worlds of espionage, couture, art, and everyday life, the story takes us on an epic journey, introducing us to courageous people who didn’t allow the threat of the Nazi’s brutality prevent them from doing what was right!

The Cul-de-Sac War

The Cul-de-Sac War was one of the funniest and charming contemporary romance novels I have read all year!

The Masterpiece

Going beyond the bounds of lust, The Masterpiece explores how God uses people to reveal Himself & the true definition of love and commitment.

Love and a Little White Lie (State of Grace: Book 1)

Tammy L. Gray returns with a new and exciting series, State of Grace! Love and a Little White Lie is the perfect summer read for those hoping to get lost in a clean romance story that will pull on all of your emotions!

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love is one of those books that you hear people always recommending. For years, I have had many people tell me about this novel, but I was skeptical.

The Nightingale

Loyalties are tested, sacrifices are made, survival is adamant, and love proves to be powerful in The Nightingale!

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