Positively, Penelope – Skymar: Book Two

“All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust.” ~ Peter Pan

Be still my heart!! Positively, Penelope is an absolutely delightful read for theater enthusiasts and rom-com aficionados! From its clever musical and movie references to its engaging storytelling style, this book hooked me from start to finish! 


Dear Reader, My name is Penelope, and while I may not be a real-life princess, I’ve been told I possess a certain fairy-tale heroine quality. I wield optimism as my weapon of choice, don amazing shoes and vintage hats whenever possible, and speak in musical references. All of which perfectly qualifies me to succeed in my new role as a marketing intern at the historic Darling House theater on the island of Skymar.

Only . . . it seems this internship position is going to be a LOT bigger than I thought. The Gray family, who owns the theater, has been stuck in a rut of darkness ever since the loss of their matriarchs. Now all that’s left is a dying theater, a reclusive grandfather, three siblings, and an adorable seven-year-old girl who desperately needs some pixie-dust magic.

So that’s what this story is about. My plans to save the theater! (Plans that, somehow, keep being stolen by a local competitor.) And an anonymous online theater troupe. And two single brothers who may be vying for this American girl’s heart . . . until they’re not (or maybe they just want me for my ideas too). And a dream job offer that will require me to make a truly heart-wrenching decision. I may not excel at finishing stories, but I promise to see this one through to its happily ever after.

Positively, Penelope

“I’m beginning to realize that it’s okay just to be happy and try to spread that happiness around.” ~ Pepper Basham

After enjoying Authentically, Izzy, book one of the Skymar trilogy, but being disappointed by the lack of faith in the storyline, this second installment was the perfect blend of everything I look for in a Christian contemporary novel!! Positively, Penelope wasn’t about chasing after your heart; it was an exploration of family, life’s purpose, and redemption. God hears our prayers and knows our hearts, and when we trust Him to lead us to the right path, He will work it all out in His perfect timing! 

“There is something special about belonging somewhere. It’s an indefinable sort of something, but when you are away from it for a little while, you know.” ~ Pepper Basham

The blend of romance, humor, suspense, and mystery found within the pages of Positively, Penelope was flawlessly executed. Each element contributed to a truly engaging storyline with witty banter and MANY laugh-out-loud moments. The nods to Chris Pine and Julie Andrews added an extra layer of charm, while the exploration of faith and forgiveness brought surprising depth to this light-hearted narrative. 

“The biggest dreams are the ones that take the most risk, but they’re worth it, Iris. You may just have to make it through the hard things first.” ~ Pepper Basham

The characters were a fabulous ensemble! Penelope’s fiery personality and determination to make the impossible possible made me instantly adore her. Matthias was the handsome grump who stole my heart after a few chapters. And Luke was the ultimate big brother and the perfect balance between his sisters’ eccentrics; I can’t wait to read his story next! 

“Your ‘hair looks beautiful in the moonlight’? (Do girls really want guys to say things like that?) How does your hair look the rest of the time?” ~ Pepper Basham

Positively, Penelope was not just a romance; it was a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and second chances. Pepper Basham’s writing was exceptional! From emails and texts to actual storytelling, the mixed styles were an excellent blend that captured my attention and heart. Positively, Penelope earned its place among my top five favorite books; it’s the book version of my favorite pick-me-up rom-com movies that I will revisit time and again. 

“The world could do with a little more kindness and positivity and random acts of singing, don’t you think?” ~ Pepper Basham

If you’re looking for a heartwarming rom-com with a touch of theater magic, look no further than Positively, Penelope. It’s practically perfect in every way. 😉

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.*

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Age: 14+

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