How to Plot a Payback

Melissa Ferguson returns with an irresistible rom-com that will have you laughing out loud! 2024 is the year of romantic comedies, and How to Plot a Payback is a standout addition to the genre! Hilarious, addictive, and utterly charming, this novel encompasses your favorite sitcoms and rom-coms while bringing its unique flair. With flawless execution,…

Tree of Life Series

In the small town of Canyon Mines, Colorado, nothing new goes unnoticed. As newcomers enter the town for an escape or searching for their history, it’s up to the father-daughter duo, Nolan and Jillian Duffy, to find the answers. Meanwhile, rewinding in time, a whole new world is introduced as readers get to meet the ancestors who shape the protagonist’s existence. The Tree of Life Series will spark your interest in genealogy and pull on your heartstrings with its narratives.