Poem: Be Still

By: Sheryl

Be still
O my soul and listen to His love
Love that is true and must be trusted
Ways that are pure and good
Gifts that are poured out in abundance
Grace that covers every insecurity
Mercy that wipes sin away despite our deserving
My Love, let me hear Your voice
That calmed the sea
May You once again calm this sea of thoughts that seek to overwhelm and destroy
Be still! There is no warrant for such chaos
My God stilled storms, healed diseases, raised the dead
He accomplishes all things that man cannot
He loved enough to be cut off
And forsaken
So I never would
So that I can ever and always come before the throne and find my Father’s open arms
Be still, O my soul!
In His embrace
There is no higher goal
There is no safer place
So be still… be still…

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