Writing Submissions

Poem: Be Still

By: Sheryl Be still O my soul and listen to His love Love that is true and must be trusted Ways that are pure and good Gifts that are poured out in abundance Grace that covers every insecurity Mercy that wipes sin away despite our deserving My Love, let me hear Your voice That calmed…

Poem: Into Space (I Am Found Series)

Then everything stops… Floating in the space of her thoughts, Joy Lucia Hunneyball compares the May 30th launch to her own achievements. With skills in a multitude of things, but mastery of none, she wonders how she can make a difference and what landmark she will leave behind.

Poem: For Your Glory (I Am Found Series)

Joy Lucia Hunneyball stands in awe of God, breathing in His goodness and declaring, “To Him be the glory!” This inspiring poem will encourage readers to look at the gifts God has given them and offer up a shout of praise, even when the fight seems hopeless!

Poem: Overcomer (I Am Found Series)

In a moment of reverence, Joy Lucia Hunneyball goes into her room to intercede, cry, and worship before the Father. With a heavy heart, she shares a special prayer to encourage those feeling lost. We are all overcomers through Him, and we are not alone!