Love and the Silver Lining (State of Grace: Book 2)

There’s something so addictive about contemporary novels. The romance, relatable characters, and impacting message all create a narrative that not only grasps a reader’s attention but holds them captive until they’re out of pages to turn. Tammy L. Gray’s newest addition to the State of Grace series, Love and the Silver Lining, is all these things and more! Get ready for your heart to melt and your soul to soar with this epic tale of forgiveness, redemption, faith, love, and second chances. 

Darcy Malone’s life comes crashing down when her future of becoming a full-time missionary is brought to an abrupt end. Forced to reexamine her life and confront the problems she was hoping to run away from, Darcy falls into a pit of despair. Lost, angry, broken, and bitter, Darcy treads on a thin line of rebellion as she searches for purpose and hope. However, when she accepts the job of training a group of dogs before they’re taken to animal control, Darcy finds an unlikely oasis; but, will this task only lead to more disappointment? And, what of Bryson, the boy Darcy has known most of her life but is suddenly seeing in a new light? Is he really as dangerous as everyone claims him to be? Sometimes it takes everything falling apart for the pieces to come into place. 

Love and the Silver Lining is one of those books most of us will relate to. Having gone through our own seasons of wondering why God has closed a door we initially thought He’d opened, it’s in those times of trials and tribulations when we learn that faith is more than going through the motions of what we believe we’re supposed to do, and more about trusting that the Lord works everything out for a purpose. Even if we reject it, one way or another, God’s plan will always prevail, bringing us back to Him and the path He’s set before us!

I couldn’t put this book down! Though the shift from past and present tense was a little rocky in the beginning, the narrative had me captivated from the first page. Resonating with everything Darcy went through, I still find it hard to put into words just how much this story has affected me. 

Whether you’re in a season of asking God for clarity or on the hunt for a clean book that captures the emotions and choices so many of us face, Love and the Silver Lining is the perfect book for you! Disappointment and heartbreak are a part of life, but there is always hope to be found at the end of the tunnel. Keep looking ahead, and don’t lose sight of the light that wants to lead you out of the darkness! 

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book. My thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*


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