All That Really Matters (A McKenzie Family Romance)

You don’t honor God with your life by changing your personality and tossing out everything that is unique about who you are. You honor Him by offering those very gifts back to Him. ~ Nicole Deese

With over five hundred thousand Instagram followers and a steadily growing career in the beauty industry, Molly McKenzie is reaching heights she never thought possible. Getting everything she’s ever wanted — the nice house, handsome boyfriend, expensive car, A-list sponsors, large paychecks, and people’s praise — Molly feels like her life couldn’t get any better. That is… until she receives the opportunity of a lifetime! A top Hollywood producer is looking to cast HER in an upcoming reality show that will help underprivileged kids; however, according to her manager/boyfriend, to secure the job, she needs to find a cause, gain experience and double her number of followers. What starts as a summer volunteering at a youth center to boost her career soon turns into something greater than Molly had anticipated. Will these new relationships excel her to greater fame, or will the experience lead her onto a new path altogether?

Silas Whittaker knows what it’s like to feel abandoned, hopeless, poor, and alone. Adopted at twelve years old, he has a heart to help teens who have aged out of foster care, equipping them with the right skills to propel them into a brighter future off the streets. Having faced a lot of trauma and heartache, Silas has poured his life into The Bridge and will protect those within the program like a fierce mother bear. The day Molly McKenzie walks into Fir Crest Manor, Silas’s back prickles at the threat she could cause; nevertheless, despite his reservations and against his better judgment, he gives her a chance to prove him wrong. Will this be the biggest mistake Silas has ever made, or could Molly be the Black Widow The Bridge needs to get their feet off the ground?

I’m not going to lie; I totally judged All That Really Matters by its cover and description. Having never read a novel by Nicole Deese, I had no idea what to expect. I knew she was a Christian, but I didn’t know how her faith would extend into her work. As I began reading, I was sure this would be some cheesy story that would have all the usual cliches associated with contemporary novels… Boy, was I wrong!

All That Really Matters is a novel about finding your purpose beyond your selfish desires. It’s about seeing God’s miracles when all that feels left is despair. It’s about receiving love when you thought you were unloveable. It’s about being forgiven when you believe all was ruined. And it’s about building a life that glorifies and worships the Creator of the Universe!

As I read the final words of this beautiful story, closing my Kindle for the final time, I knew that this was a novel that would stay in my heart for days, weeks, months and even years to come! Though I have not gone through half the things the characters in this book experienced, every emotion, act of service, kindness, and grace written within the pages touched my heart, creating a new desire within me. All That Really Matters was God-inspired; there’s no other way to describe it! It’s rare to find a book that will make you laugh, cry, reflect, swoon, pray, and engage with fictional beings in such a spiritual way, so when that book does come around, you can be sure that I will be holding onto it for the rest of my life!

Though it is impossible to fully explain my deep love for this book in a short review, I encourage you to read it for yourself and experience what I’m talking about! All That Really Matters is available NOW! 

P.S. Silas Whittaker is my new Duke of Hastings… Sorry not sorry, Simon (hehe)

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*


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My Rating
Positive Content
Godly Element
Sexual Content
Ages: 16+

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