All That It Takes (A McKenzie Family Romance)

Bookworms have a habit of jumping from one book to the next, devouring stories the way most binge tv shows, but there comes a time when you finish an incredible book and need to take a step back, breathe, and reflect. All That It Takes is that kind of book!

Val Locklier is a fighter. Relocating across the country with her nine-year-old son, she is hopeful about their future; however, Val must reevaluate her options when her plans go up in flames during the first week of their new lives. After moving into her best friend’s brother’s upstairs apartment, Val takes a leap of faith and accepts the invitation to participate in an exclusive filmmaker mentorship. Will she stand out among the more qualified candidates? Hating nothing more than showing weakness, Val will have to confront her past and cling to her newfound faith as she embarks on this journey and explores the possibility of love. Will Val be able to let her guard down, or will the wounds of rejection continue to hold her back?

Miles McKenzie feels defeated after returning from his possibly last mission trip. Full of bitterness and uncertainty, his despair only increases after being reassigned to a rundown community center. Unable to fathom a future away from the mission field, Miles distracts himself, finding solace in his unexpected upstairs tenants, but is he only stalling for time, or is God about to open a door he bolted shut years ago?

“Sometimes all that it takes is one person being willing to step out in love for the betterment of another to change the trajectory of an entire life. All that it takes is one. ~ Nicole Deese

All That It Takes is not only a beautiful romance novel; it’s a love letter to anyone who has felt like their lives were over, only to have someone help them stand again. Exploring the fear of failure, the importance of being still, the courage of choosing life, the love of community, and the hope of second chances, Nicole Deese captures the hearts of her readers in this profound story. Touched by God, His presence is on every page, inspiring Val and Miles’ journey as they grow and humble themselves before Him.

I LOVED this book!! A continuation from All That Really Matters (though it’s a stand-alone story), Nicole Deese delivers another phenomenal showstopper! Reading this book was like receiving a warm hug. Whether you feel like your world is falling apart or that God is far away, All That It Takes is an excellent reminder that we’re never alone. God will always send people to help us in our time of need. Don’t give up hope or be afraid to fall in love!

“You might not be able to make sense of God’s plan or timing, but I can promise you that He isn’t confused.” ~ Nicole Deese

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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