Love and the Dream Come True (State of Grace: Book 3)

As kids, we’re encouraged to reach for the stars and dream big; however, as we get older and experience the harsh realities of this world, those fantastical dreams are often replaced with more obtainable goals — trading the castle for a small apartment. In the grand finale of the State of Grace trilogy, Tammy L Gray tells the story of what happens after our dreams come true. It’s not always what we expect, though sometimes, it’s even better!

Four years ago, Cameron Lee left Texas to fulfill his dream of becoming a recording artist; however, after his third album flops, he struggles to connect to music the way he used to, jeopardizing the career he lost everything to build. Fueled by the bitterness of his best friend, Darcy’s, betrayal, Cameron knows he’s far from the man he used to be; but, will returning home for his sister’s wedding reignite his lost passion and uncover the peace he’s searching for, or will the ghosts of his past cause him to fall further away?

Music used to be my breath, my muse, my one sure-and-steady force. Driving me. Feeding me. A siren of notes dancing through the hum of air particles and calling out as pure and consuming as the mythical creatures of the sea. But no more.” ~ Tammy L. Gray

Lexie Walters is a shameless dreamer. Despite having many curveballs thrown her way — like becoming a mom at nineteen — she has never given up hope that one day all of her dreams will come true. Nevertheless, when life couldn’t get any better, the dreams Lexie held tight might be the very things that break her.

Why do I do this to myself every time? Dream the impossible? Let myself believe for one achingly wonderful minute that the fantasy might just happen.”  ~ Tammy L. Gray

Attracted to Lexie’s bright outlook on life and her sarcastic teenage daughter, Cameron feels himself come alive in their presence. Living in a fairytale bubble, their relationship takes off like a rocket, but will their descent back to reality cause more turbulence than they can handle?

I don’t fear heartbreak the way he obviously does. I don’t fear anything but chances not taken.” ~ Tammy L. Gray

A story of healing, forgiveness, romance, and faith, Love and the Dream Come True is the cherry on top of this fantastic trilogy! We’ve all battled the past and tried to reach for the dreams we thought we wanted, but it’s only when we give God the reins that we see how small our imaginations are compared to His plans for our lives.

I have nothing but praise for the State of Grace series! Each book contains important lessons we can all relate to, but more than that, they shine a beacon of hope, reminding us that we are known, seen, and loved by a God who is ever faithful! Cameron’s growth through this series went beyond my expectations. From being introduced to him as a young, naive musician motivated by his music and faith to watching him grow up and grapple with life as he tried to walk by his own strength, it was inspiring to read his full-circle story.

As always, Tammy’s latest release came at just the right time in my life. As I seek the Lord’s will in pursuing the dreams placed on my heart, I often forget that it’s not about making everything perfect but glorifying God with each word I write. Like Cameron, I want my craft to be flawless, but it’s in releasing control that true art is created.

Whether you’re searching for a clean romance or something a little deeper, Love and the Dream Come True is the book for you! Even though we’re growing up, we should never give up on our dreams!

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with this pre-release copy. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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