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Like Flames in the Night (Including Q&A with the Author) – Cities of Refuge: Book Four

Finishing a fabulous book series is always bittersweet. For more than three years, Cities of Refuge has taken us on a journey that brought us into Moriyah and Derek’s family, allowing us to get to know each of their children and friends as if they were our own. Usually, I cannot wait to devour a book, but, with Like Flames in the Night, I wanted to savor every minute and prolong the inevitable ending of this incredible series for as long as possible.

Adventures in Israel: Let’s Go Ice Skating!

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been craving the true essence of winter; but what can you do to get the feeling of winter in a country that can’t seem to make up its mind? Well, the expensive solution would be to fly to a place where there is snow, and the temperature is below zero; while the cheaper option might be to go ice skating, but is there even an ice rink in Israel?

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