The Masterpiece

I really wanted to hate this book. I know that sounds terrible, but my mother had just finished reading The Masterpiece and spoke about its horrible storyline and predictable characters, so I had braced myself for an awful sixteen-hour listen; however, the more I listened to this novel, the harder it became for me to stop. I ended up mindlessly scrolling through social media and playing sudoku so that I could remain in Grace and Roman’s lives (I can’t sit still while listening to an audiobook).

Grace Moore is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. After her husband walked out, leaving her to raise their daughter alone, Grace has barely stayed afloat. Plagued by her mistakes and the ghosts of her childhood, Grace is desperate and willingly takes the job as an artist’s personal assistant, though she is overly qualified for the position.

Roman Velasco has never felt like he belonged. For him, home doesn’t exist and behind every shadow prowls a demon waiting to grab him. With his paintings gaining popularity, Roman has sold his soul to the public’s affection; however, when the night comes, his true identity comes out as the Bird, and a different caliber of people view his art. At terms with always being unsatisfied, it isn’t until Grace Moore turns up on his doorstep that Roman begins to question his beliefs and the memories that continue to give him nightmares whenever he closes his eyes.

Francine Rivers has done it again! What I believed would be a predictable and cheesy novel turned into an incredible story of love, transformation, and revelation. Going beyond the bounds of lust, The Masterpiece explores how God uses people to reveal Himself and the true definition of love and commitment.

Much to my mother’s dismay, I have to give this novel the praise it’s due. Sure, there were moments that I saw coming, but the theme spoke to my heart and reminded me how God can use our worst moments to bring restoration and healing. I connected to the characters and enjoyed listening to a book that portrayed the truth of love and friendship rather than the fairytale that so many people write about. I think fans of Francine Rivers will be surprised by this new novel, while those still getting to know her, myself included, will grow even more in love with her work! Sorry not sorry… hehe

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