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First Date, Starring Me, and Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee are the PERFECT books for young adults; they have blessed my life immensely, and I can’t recommend them enough!

First Date

I can still remember the moment I first picked up First Date. I was standing in Barnes and Noble with my mom when she took me to the Christian section and told me that I needed to start reading more faith-based books. After browsing the shelves, my finger stopped on First Date, and I was sure that this was the book I wanted; unfortunately, my mother disagreed as she rolled her eyes and exclaimed that she wanted me to fall into the arms of the Lord, not a teenage boy’s. So, reluctantly, I put the book back and walked away, but I never forgot about it, and it wasn’t long until I finally got the chance to read it.

All Addy Davidson wants to do is live an average life in the shadows. Content with her quiet existence, it’s not until she’s ushered into the principal’s office and told that she had been chosen to represent the school on national TV that Addy is pulled out of her comfort zone and thrown into the world of reality TV. Competing with one hundred other girls to go to prom with the President’s son, Jonathan Jackson, Addy is determined to walk in and out as quickly as possible; but, as she makes it through each week, she’ll realize that opportunities aren’t about ourselves but bringing glory to God and representing Him in a sea of worldliness and lost sheep. Will Addy accept the task set before her, or will her pride stop her from allowing God to shine His light on those around her and watching nationwide? 

“She asked God to help her remember that she was happiest when she was obeying God,” ~ Krista McGee

First Date is a FABULOUS teen/young adult novel that touches on the importance of faith, friendship, honesty, dying to self, and God’s plan for our lives. Pulling from the stories of Esther and Daniel, this book is less about romance and more about Addy’s faith journey as she releases the reins and lets God lead. 

Just like Esther, we have all been called for such a time as this, but are we brave enough to answer the call to follow Him? Krista McGee exceptionally portrays this question throughout the novel, inspiring readers to let go of what the world thinks and hold on to the only voice that matters, Yeshua! As a writer, I never want faith to be a behind-the-scenes afterthought in my novels, and Krista McGee’s books are excellent examples of what it looks like to tell an entertaining story without compromising a core spiritual element. If you’re a teen looking for a wholesome read, First Date is the book for you!

Starring Me

Kara McKormick dreams of being a superstar. After competing to go to prom with the President’s son, her thirst for acting and television has only increased. Going from audition to audition, Kara is beyond excited when she is invited to compete for a lead role in a new teen variety show that will be co-hosted with a big celebrity; however, God has more in store for Kara than she could ever imagine. A proclaimed atheist, Kara’s beliefs will be challenged as she travels to Orlando and encounters people who will show her that Christianity is more than judgment and limitations. Will Kara accept Jesus as her savior and land the role of her dreams, or will everything come crashing down?

Chad Beacon is a national pop star who longs to do more than sing. With a passion for acting, Chad is ready to accept the lead role in a teen variety show; however, his parents are adamant that his co-star be a believer. Sending their assistant to scout the girl’s auditioning for the role, Chad must give his future into the Lord’s hands, but doubt and anticipation plague his mind as he patiently waits to meet his co-star. Will the right girl be chosen, or will Chad have to turn down the opportunity he’s longed for?

“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.” ~ Krista McGee

Starring Me is a perfect complement to First Date. After meeting Kara and falling in love with her spunky energy, it was awesome to read her story and watch her heart expand as she learned more about God and the Bible for the first time. We are so used to teen books that center on romance, but the way Krista McGee leads with prayer and faith is revolutionary! Influenced by the story of Isaac and Rebecca, there was something so sweet about reading Kara and Chad’s perspectives and watching as their journeys unfold before the finale. God wants to meet all of us and have a relationship with each of His children, but not everyone welcomes the love and joy He wants to give. Especially in Hollywood, the entertainment industry is competitive and dirty; nevertheless, through it all, God’s light will always shine through!

Right Where I Belong

God has a plan for each of our lives, but it’s often not what we expect it to be. Natalia Lopez experiences this firsthand as she follows her stepmother to her hometown of Tampa, Florida, leaving Spain and the only home she’s ever known to embark on a journey that will not only stretch her faith but challenge the plans she has made for herself. Surrounded by a new culture, Natalia is excited to learn more about God, but is she ready to hear where God is calling her and open her heart to the people He wants to include in her future?

Brian Younger is a pastor’s kid with a heart for ministry, but he refuses to follow in his father’s footsteps. Known as the class clown and used to feeling like the odd one out, Brian doubts his worth, especially when Natalia arrives in town. Will Brian allow God to be the leader, or will his jealousy and pride cloud what God is trying to do?

Every teenager, especially seniors, struggle to choose a career path or understand their identity as graduation looms near. From family pressure to college applications, it can be difficult to press into what the Lord has planned. While the Bible tells us to honor and obey our parents, it also says that the Lord is our highest authority; but, do we have the courage and faith to do what God is asking when it contradicts what others are saying?

“God puts us on paths that sometimes seem very dark and pointless. Sometimes it seems like there’s no way out. And a lot of people get upset at that, and so they go off his path and go off on their own.”
“But when they do that, they miss what is waiting for them at the end.” ~ Krista McGee

Right Where I Belong is a phenomenal book for young adults and teens. Inspired by the story of Ruth and with God’s love and truth pouring through every page, it’s more than a cute romance; it’s a story of restoration and new beginnings. God wants to work in each of our lives, and when we give Him the chance, mountains will move and the impossible will be possible.

As I read Natalia and Brian’s story, I felt convicted through each chapter. Doubting the Lord’s call on my life and struggling as more doors are slammed in my face, this novel not only brought me out of a place of despair and defeat but re-centered my focus on the true source of joy and hope — Yeshua!

Krista McGee’s writings continue to astound me. Her approach to faith and life is Biblical and inspiring. I cannot recommend these three books enough — especially if you’re in high school and grappling with dating, the future, faith, and family. God has a plan for each of us and, if we allow Him to lead, He will take us to places we could only dream of going! Rich in wisdom and encouragement, I pray these books bless you as you navigate your faith and decide if you’re going to follow God and live your life for Him or the world. As Flora says in Starring Me, “If you really want to know him, he’ll answer you.” 

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