Yesterday’s Tides

Grab a box of tissues and a copy of Yesterday’s Tides as soon as possible because Roseanna M. White has outdone herself with her latest release! Readers will be captivated by this exquisite dual-time tale of espionage, love, war, family, race, and history!

In two world wars, intelligence and counterintelligence, prejudice, and self-sacrifice collide across two generations. 

1942 — Evie Farrow is used to life on Ocracoke Island, where every day is the same — until German U-boats haunting their waters begin to wreak havoc, and special agent Sterling Bertrand washes ashore at Evie’s inn.

After being burned in a torpedo explosion, Sterling’s injuries keep him inn-bound for weeks, making him even more anxious about the SS officer he’s been tracking and increasingly intrigued by Evie, who seems to be hiding secrets of her own. Will he finally catch the man he’s spent years chasing? And what of this mysterious island girl? Can Evie be trusted to help him complete his mission?

It was hard to be suspicious of someone whose touch was so careful and whose voice was so bright and who had promised not only to help but to keep his secrets.” ~ Roseanna M. White

1914 — Englishman Remington Culbreth arrives at the Ocracoke Inn for the summer, but he doesn’t count on falling in love with Louisa Adair, the innkeeper’s daughter. However, when war breaks out in Europe, their blossoming relationship is put in jeopardy.

Working in her family’s inn seems to be Louisa’s destiny, or it was until she meets Rem and can’t help dreaming of a bigger future. Will their love survive the battles ahead, or will the war tear them apart?

“Sometimes I wonder how different it would all be if we could be who we are. If freedom really meant we were free—to choose, to discover, to explore.” ~ Roseanna M. White

As the ripple of the Great War rock Evie and Sterling’s lives in World War II, it seems yesterday’s tides may sweep them all into danger again today.

Oh my goodness, my heart is FULL, and my eyes are wet with tears!! Yesterday’s Tides is the most beautiful, moving, and artistically written Historical Fiction novel I’ve had the privilege to read! Evie, Sterling, Louisa, and Rem’s storylines came together perfectly! I experienced every emotion, felt like I was walking alongside them, and became wholeheartedly invested in their lives! During their journeys, the brightest star was their faith which shone brightly throughout the inked pages. No one can separate what God has brought together, and we clearly see this message woven into the plot as each couple works to fulfill the calling on their lives!

When it feels like the wind and the water are stealing those prayers, we can anchor them to something in our thoughts, as a reminder that no one and nothing can really snatch them away.” ~ Roseanna M. White

Rich in prayer, God’s glory, and pure love that will weaken your knees, Yesterday’s Tides is one of Roseanna M. White’s best novels! I particularly loved how she incorporated her characters from previous books into the narrative, though not in a way that would confuse new readers. I am also in awe of what Roseanna did in this novel, especially after learning that she originally wrote it twenty years ago in a completely different era and genre! WOW! This is true artistry!

“Every islander knows—there’s always going to be another hurricane. Another storm. Everything buried will surface again, and everything you thought would last forever will come down eventually. But you rebuild. You dredge. You keep moving, keep adding new. That’s how we go on living.” ~ Roseanna M. White

Whether you’re a fan of Roseanna M. White’s books or new to her work, if you enjoy Historical Fiction, romance, and faith-based stories, Yesterday’s Tides is a MUST-READ!

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.*


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My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Positive content: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Godly content: ⭐️⭐️
Sexual content: ⭐️
Age: 15+

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