Beneath His Silence

In her dazzling debut novel, Beneath His Silence, Hannah Linder captures her readers’ attention until the wee hours of the night with a gothic regency tale of murder, love, guilt, secrets, and faith! 

Lord Sedgewick stopped caring what people thought about him a long time ago. Riddled with the guilt of his wife’s death, he chooses to cloak himself in silence than allow others to see his true nature; however, when a young lady calling herself Miss Woodhart inquires about the governess position, Lord Sedgewick finds himself at war with not only his heart but the dark secrets he keeps locked away at Wyckhorn Manor. Can he allow someone into his life despite his treacherous past, or will Miss Woodhart prove to be another woman who breaks his heart? 

Ella Pemberton is determined to avenge her sister’s death, even when that means disguising herself as a governess and going into the belly of the beast. For five years, she has believed Lord Sedgewick to be a monster, but after moving into Wyckhorn Manor and searching for the truth, Ella might learn that she’s been wrong all along. How could such a selfless man as Lord Sedgewick murder his wife in cold blood? The days at Wyckhorn Manor are beautiful, but the nights are cold. Will Ella uncover what happened all those years ago, or will she fall prey to the same fate as her sister? 

Beneath His Silence is a suspense-filled novel that will leave you wanting more! Though I initially found it annoying that the points of view would change so rapidly, I persevered and found myself swept away in the storyline. I loved the characters and admired their growth; honestly, I couldn’t put it down! For a debut, I was very impressed with Hannah Linder’s expertise in her craft. She is a fantastic storyteller whose career I look forward to following! If you enjoy romance, historical fiction, regency England, and eery mysteries, I highly recommend Beneath His Silence! 

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own*

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