Women’s Fiction

The Mountain Between Us

Spectacular, intense, and original, The Mountain Between Us is a survival book that makes you feel like you’re fighting for your life alongside the protagonists, Ashley and Ben, in the frigid temperatures and harsh conditions.

Before We Were Yours

Before We Were Yours takes an incredible journey through time to uncover a secret that will change the way a family looks at their heritage forever.

The Longest Ride

Two epic love stories of pure passion and romance connect in the unlikeliest of ways; The Longest Ride is a tale, once read, you will never be able to forget!

The Orphan’s Tale

Enchanting. Enrapturing. Intriguing. The Orphan’s Tale was a novel that sparked my attention after the very first line! The words catapulted me back in time and into the world of Noa and Astrid, feeling all their emotions and even their thrill of flying off the trapeze.

The Help

The Help is a beautifully written book about the hardships of people of color in the ’60s and also the struggle of class in the white’s world.

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