The Help

“Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, “Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?” ~ Kathryn Stockett

I have wanted to read The Help for years! Ever since seeing the movie, I was intrigued to see how the book was written, and when I saw it on sale at the bookstore, I couldn’t resist! The Help was an incredible book that kept me on my toes the entire time. Even though I’d seen the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and even felt like I was hearing this story for the first time.

The Help centers on a young woman named Skeeter who has just come home after graduating from Ole Miss. The year is 1962, and even with a degree, Skeeter’s mother won’t rest until she sees her daughter wed. However, Skeeter has her heart set on becoming a writer, though nobody seems to understand this desire. The only one who would understand is Constantine, the maid who raised Skeeter, but she’s gone, and Skeeter has no idea where to find her.

Not a person who looks at the color of one’s skin, Skeeter befriends a maid, Aibileen, and an idea begins to form in Skeeter’s mind. What if she wrote a book about the help? They have so many stories to tell of their bosses and wives, and Skeeter believes that their voices should be heard. Aibileen, who has raised fourteen white children, is horrified by the idea at first, but as people of color begin standing up for their rights in America, Aibileen considers Skeeter’s offer.

The Help is a beautifully written book that highlights the hardships of people of color in the ’60s and the struggle of class in the white world. It’s an inspiring book that made me laugh and fall in love with the characters and their stories. Minny was one of my favorite characters because of her wit and stubbornness (chocolate pie, anyone?). I also loved how Kathryn Stockett, the author, made these characters so realistic! The movie also helped me imagine this book more clearly. They did a wonderful job of adapting the book into movie form. If you’re a bookworm, like me, I recommend that you read this book; or, if you’re a movieholic, also like myself, you should definitely check out this movie!

Book Rating: [yasr_multiset setid=0] Ages: 14+


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