The Orphan’s Tale

“Though no one speaks of it, I sometimes wonder if we are marching toward extinction with each performance, too busy dancing and flying through the air to see it.” ~ Pam Jenoff

Enchanting. Enrapturing. Intriguing. The Orphan’s Tale was a novel that sparked my attention after the very first line! The words catapulted me back in time and into the world of Noa and Astrid, feeling all their emotions and even their thrill of flying off the trapeze.

Who says family is about blood? The Orphan’s Tale follows the lives of a Dutch girl named Noa who was sent packing by her father after they found out she was pregnant, and a woman named Astrid whose husband, a loyal German officer, has divorced her for being a Jew. Both women, from separate countries, leading completely different lives, have their paths crossed after Noa collapses outside the Circus Neuroff with a baby she rescued from a train heading to a concentration camp. However, the only way Noa and the baby are allowed to stay is if she masters the trapeze and learns to trust Astrid. But, with the war raging outside their tent, secrets are soon revealed, survival is of the greatest concern, and danger is outside every door!

Pam Jenoff did a marvelous job telling a story based on real events while creating her own little masterpiece. I can’t tell you just how thankful I was that the climax didn’t come at the very end of the book and that it was riveting the whole way through! It’s been too long since I’ve read a book I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

Book Rating [yasr_multiset setid=0] Ages: 14+

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