The Path to Redeeming Love – 40 Day Devotional

As a fan of Redeeming Love, I was beyond excited to start this 40-day devotional. Inviting my mom to join me on the journey, each night after cleaning the kitchen, I would read the day’s passage aloud before discussing the contents together. Our time reading this devotion was the highlight of my day. Reading parts of Redeeming Love and talking about the topics of rejection, resignation, rescue, redemption, reconciliation, and restoration with my mom were eye-opening and encouraging. Leaning on one another, we prayed together, were candid with one another, and shared more than we ever have about our spiritual lives.

Split into six parts, The Path to Redeeming Love takes a section out of the novel to set the stage before bringing Scripture alive with each day’s subject matter. While I do wish there were more pages to each entry, the end questions gives readers time to reflect on what they have read and take the study further on their own.

One of my favorite parts of this devotional was the space in-between each part when Francine Rivers shared testimony from her and her family’s lives. During these introduction pages, I felt spiritually connected to Francine Rivers. Hearing the testimonies and how they correlate with Angel’s story also brought the material to life. It was real, and Francine’s input made the devotional even more relatable and current.

The Path to Redeeming Love is the perfect addition for fans of the novel. While thousands of lives have been transformed after reading Angel’s story, this devotional brings a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about the journey from feeling rejected to being restored. Get ready to be inspired, draw closer to the Father, and fall in love with Redeeming Love all over again!

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