Sweet Trilogy

Don’t let the titles of these books fool you; this series is out of this world (literally, hehe)! A fresh look on the supernatural/fantasy, young adult genre, Wendy Higgins hits the ball out of the park with this unique, eye-opening trilogy!

For sixteen years, Anna has known she is different. Not only can she see other people’s emotions, but she remembers the day she was born (even the nine months she was in her mother’s womb)! Adopted at birth, Anna knows her parents have something to do with her abilities, but she’s never tried to search for them. Having accepted her life, Anna’s world is turned upside down when she attends a concert with her best friend, Jay, and meets bad boy Kaiden Row.

Kaiden is everything your parents warn you about. He is rude, abrasive, and dark; yet, Anna is drawn to him and somehow knows that he holds the answers she’s been searching for. Refusing to let him get away so easily, Anna demands an explanation, but the truth is far from what she expects.

There is so much more to our world than the physical realm we are all used to living in; another dimension, a spiritual realm, is happening around us, seen only by the descendants of demons and those with the Holy Spirit. This is no fairytale, and Anna is in danger if she doesn’t conform to the heritage she was born into. Will she continue to embrace her angelic side, or will she adorn her horns?

The Sweet Trilogy is unlike anything I’ve read. Riddled with Biblical truth and theories that make the story believable, it was not only entertaining but gave me an entirely new view of the meaning of life. This series was addictive, romantic, dangerous, enthralling, and so much more! The fight against good and evil has never been so good!

[yasr_multiset setid=0] Ages: 16+ 

Please note that this is not some fluffy story! The main characters are children of the demons in charge of the seven deadly sins, so there will be heavy content within this book; however, light does shine brighter than the darkness. Also, a fourth book has been added to the series, written from Kaiden’s perspective, which I have not read nor recommend to teens as it is known to be a lot more sex scenes than the other three books. Hey, [Small Spoiler Alert] he is the son of the demon of lust after all! 

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