Lost in the Stream

“Every now and then, a story comes along so powerful it touches and changes lives. This is one of those stories.”  ~ Captain Johnny Savage

April 13th, 1998, started like an ordinary day at work for first mate Johnny Savage and Captain Eric Bingham as they set sail from Key West, Florida, for Cancun, Mexico; however, about ninety nautical miles into their journey, a fifty-six-foot rogue wave appeared like a monster from their worst nightmares, sending their sportfishing boat, the Anhinga, free-falling into the unforgiving Atlantic.

“Nothing ever happens during the daytime,” Johnny remembers thinking when he stored the emergency locator beacon (EPIRB) and life raft below deck rather than in the cockpit. Unfortunately, the sea is rarely predictable and sunk the Anhinga faster than Johnny or Captain Eric could retrieve the emergency supplies. Lost in the Gulf Stream, with nobody knowing where they were or what had happened, the men clung to one another and simultaneously began praying the Lord’s Prayer. Over the next eleven hours, Johnny Savage would fight against his greatest fears and witness God’s provision in their exact time of need, shaking his faith to its core.

“Too often in life, when there’s a struggle before us, we want to quit and go the other way. We want to do the easy thing or what’s best for our own life at the moment. We cut ourselves short when we don’t let the trials that come into our lives finish their work in us. We miss the valuable lesson God plans for our lives. We miss the prize. But in this moment at sea, I made it to the surfboard. I made it to the prize.” ~ Captain Johnny Savage

Since that near fateful day, Anhinga’s wreck changed how boats make open ocean transits and impacted many’s lives through Johnny’s vulnerable testimony. I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Lost in the Stream from the author and thoroughly enjoyed reading the topics on his heart as he chronicled his life before and after the events of April 13th. What stood out to me the most was Captain Johnny’s honesty when discussing suicide, his faith, and the fear of bearing his soul to strangers. After such an incredible encounter with God, you’d think a person would be changed forever, but trauma is real, and it wracked through Captain Johnny until he finally surrendered and gave it all to God!

A story of hope, faith, divine intervention, and fishing, this memoir will serve as an encouragement that none of us are alone or beyond saving. Even when it feels like we’re completely lost at sea, God’s got His hand on us. 

I love what Captain Johnny wrote in his note to me, “The trials of life are a strange thing. Do they come because of a choice we made, or is God using it in our life? I think the best way to find out is to persevere through it.”

Keep pushing on!

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