Called to Pray – 52 Day Devotional

I’d been looking for a devotional that centered on enhancing my prayer life, so when I came across Called to Pray, I was excited to get started on a 52-week prayer journey; however, I was surprised at how different it was from the description. Created to provide women with a year’s worth of prayer topics, Called to Pray was short and to the point, rarely going deep into the “week’s” subject. With a small intro, followed by scripture reference, the prayers were often less than a paragraph long, making me question how someone could spend a year reading such a book.

“As prayer warriors, we’re not passive bystanders who let in whatever comes our way. Instead, we’re spiritual gatekeepers who are commissioned to keep watch over what we think!” ~ Marsha DuCille

Though Called to Pray was spot-on in speaking into my life on a few occasions, the devotion fell flat, oftentimes requiring me to stray off the path to search the topic in other places. Unless you are mature in your faith, some of the “doctrines” used could also be dangerous to younger believers. For instance, the author spoke about running away from a bear (which you should never do) in comparison to leaving a church, and, on another day, the author spoke about staying in relationships with toxic people because it’s not about your “feelings.” With a goal to build one’s prayer life, I found Called to Pray very basic and not as inspiring as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, there were some helpful quotes and days when I was thankful for the author’s direction. Was it enough to sway me to recommend this devotion? Probably not. After 52 days, I concluded that Called to Pray is not a devotion that will strengthen your prayer life; however, it will certainly give you a foundation to expand your time with the Lord.

My hope in this review is not to discourage — though my points are quite critical — but to urge the author to expand on each topic and truly get into what it means to go into your prayer closet and seek the Father. This devotion had a lot of potential, but its shallow approach was not enough to help me connect with the Lord on a deeper level.

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