Called to Create

Creativity has always been something the world praises and celebrates. We gawk over what others have constructed yet doubt that we could spend our lives doing the same thing. It’s such a sad statement because it shows how few people realize that their passions can become their work, using their giftings to bring an impact and give glory to God.

Growing up, we are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” From a young age, we feel pressured to figure out who we are going to be and how we’re going to make a living. Straight out of high school, teens are expected to go to university/college and magically have a grasp on their identity. It’s not surprising that so many wind up dropping out of school or changing their majors because rather than teaching our youth how to hear from God and dedicate their lives to Him, we encourage them to pursue success and money.

“Calling does not fundamentally begin with questions about ourselves but about God.” ~ Andy Crouch

When I was a kid, my dad wouldn’t allow people to ask me what I wanted to be. He would interrupt their remarks and tell them, “She is going to become who God has called her to be.” Wholeheartedly believing that God would guide my life and show me the path to take, my father taught me that my future was not about getting stuck in a job because it pays well but doing what God has called me to do and pursuing it with all my heart. Through my teen years, I rejected these teachings, wanting to be in charge of my own destiny; but, as I matured in my faith and began searching for Yeshua daily, I learned that my dad was right, my life is not mine to live as I please, but to serve the Lord in all I do! (1 Corinthians 15:58)

As I began seeking the Father on what path He wanted me to walk down, I stumbled upon Jordan Raynor’s book, Called to Create. Drawn to the idea that being a writer or entrepreneur was just as important in the Kingdom of God as a missionary or preacher, I felt encouraged to dig deeper and learn what this could mean for me. I’ve had so many people try to tell me who I should become, but their voices aren’t the ones I listen to. While being a writer can be an uncertain career, I truly believe that when Yeshua is the foundation of your life and work, He will provide and open the right doors. Called to Create solidified my determination; rather than being a book that teaches people how to become a millionaire or find worldly success, Jordan encourages people to walk down the narrow, uncertain path and follow through obedience and faith!

“The highest calling is not being a pastor but becoming all God called you to be, namely a person who glories God in all you do.” ~ Dave Gibbons

Called to Create not only encourages readers not to be afraid of the calling God has placed on their hearts but inspires them to meditate on the Word, spending time growing closer to the Father and dedicating all we do to His glory. Humans have not been created to follow the crowd, work a 9-5 job, or save up to start life once we retire; we are called to live for God and serve overs right now! When we take our focus off how much money we make and put it on where God is leading us, life becomes far more exciting and meaningful.

I know that this lifestyle might terrify or seem impossible for some people, but let me assure you, discovering your calling does not mean you have to drop everything to sit and wait on God. Gain experience, try different jobs, and work on your giftings to create a skill; only don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a career you know you’re not created for. Do you find joy in your work? Do you wake up looking forward to the day, or are you like the millions who dread Monday’s approach? You don’t have to live like this; God hasn’t called you to live like this. We each have a purpose on this earth, it might be more than one, and when we allow God to take the reins, we will find more fulfillment than in any other workspace.

“Work is not, primarily, a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do.” ~ Dorothy Sayers

Jordan Raynor’s simple approach in Called to Create answers many of our questions while giving honest Biblical advice on how to proceed once God places a vision on our hearts. As I read this book, I heard the Lord speaking to me very clearly through Jordan’s words and the quotes of entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to shine a light on our Savior. From the very first chapter, my eyes were opened to what the Father wanted to share with me, and, by the end, the Lord had given me a clear vision of where I am heading. The future is exciting, and Called to Create gave me the push I needed to crack on with the work God has called me to do. If you want to bring deeper meaning to your life and wholeheartedly serve Yeshua through all that you do, this book could be the inspiration you need to fully commit to living by the Spirit and serving those around you. Soli Deo Gloria – Glory to God Alone

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