Word of Encouragement: Psalm 37:4

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Do you feel isolated? Maybe you’ve been praying for God to bring you, friends. We go through so many things in life that having someone to listen to and encourage you is really important. Sometimes, though, we don’t have that luxury and have to go through it alone. I believe that we all must go through a season of loneliness to learn who we are and who our God is. Once we’ve established our faith and delight in Him, then our prayers and desires will be met according to God’s plan on our lives.

Last night, I dreamt about events that happened in my childhood, and when I woke up, I wished that things were different, and I was in a place where I had more people around me. However, I realized that even though I want to experience the fun times, I had years ago again, I will never fit in in this world.
Even if friends or people surround you, that doesn’t mean that our desire will be met. Friends are an essential part of life, but it’s better to have a few than many, even if your closest friends live thousands of miles away.

I know it’s difficult, but keep praying for the things you want and ask the Lord to show you how to fulfill these desires. We can pray all we want, but sometimes the answer lies in stepping out of our comfort zones rather than waiting for God to bring it to your front door. God is not the postal service, pray and ask God to open the doors, then go after them!

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