Word of Encouragement: Psalm 10:4

Dissent from the Kingdom of Noise

How often do you take the time to sit in silence and listen to God?

I’ve recently been reading Jordan Raynor’s upcoming book, Redeeming Your Time — a fabulous tool that I highly recommend to anyone looking to make the most out of each day (Click here to order) — and was struck by his explanation of how noise is limiting our ability to be productive and serve the Lord.

Jordan writes, “This final way that noise impacts our ability to redeem our time is the most important. John Mark Comer said it best: ‘The noise of the modern world makes us deaf to the voice of God, drowning out the one input we most need.’ By filling our lives with noise, we are becoming the ‘wicked man’ of Psalm 10:4 who ‘in all his thoughts’ has ‘no room for God.’ We are inflicting ourselves with what Tim Keller calls ‘the torture of divine absence.’”

Is your mind overflowing with so many thoughts that you’re struggling to hear the voice of God? Our minds were not created to be fed information 24/7, so it’s no wonder we feel so overwhelmed and have to strain to hear God through all of the noise. While the world is teaching us to consume more, I’d like to encourage you to consume less and be proactive with how you spend your time; don’t be like the wicked man who had no room for God, make it a habit to sit in silence and be still before the Father each day!

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