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You may not believe me when I write this, but Jordan Raynor’s latest release, Redeeming Your Time, is one of the most TRANSFORMING books you will read this year! With thousands of motivational books professing to have found the “elixir of time management,” Jordan Raynor takes a humble and refreshing approach, removing us from the center and putting God in His rightful place. Including 7 biblical principles inspired by Yeshua/Jesus’ time on earth and 32 practices that will reshape your life, Redeeming Your Time is more than a self-help book; it’s a tool that will put the puzzle pieces of your life together to ensure that you are doing your most effective work for the Kingdom of God!

Yeshua knew He didn’t have a lot of time to fulfill His mission, so He was purposeful with how He spent each day. Nevertheless, while it was essential for Him to be among the people and minister to the lost, Yeshua also showcased the importance of separating ourselves from the noise and spending time in silence. Today, we live in a world of unending noise, distractions, and idols that want to divert our attentions away from the purpose and calling God has placed on our hearts; however, we don’t have to remain in this constant state of feeling swamped by our work and personal lives. It’s time we learn how to turn off the noise, prioritize what matters most, understand the importance of rest, and close the open loops that are distracting us from successfully diving into productive, deep work!

Jordan Raynor’s personality shines through each page of Redeeming Your Time! Writing in a conversational rather than lecture kind of way, readers will resonate with Jordan’s message and the practices he encourages everyone to implement into their lives. Debunking the myths that work gets us into the Kingdom of God and that we were created to experience the thrill of life (YOLO), Jordan does a FABULOUS job of redirecting readers to the truth. He writes, “No matter how productive you are in this life, your status as an adopted child of God will never ever change…God has given us work to do! We’re not here to just coast through life. We are here on a mission to glorify God by doing as much good for others as possible.”

Redeeming Your Time is by far the best book I have read all year! As someone who was struggling to complete my tasks and fulfill my goals, this book not only gave me the guidance to no longer feel overwhelmed by my usual juggling act, but it also taught me how to restore my time without reducing the work I have been called to do! One of the most humbling encouragements I found in this book was the reminder that “while it may appear that we will all die with unfinished symphonies, ultimately this is just an illusion, as ‘God is able to bring eternal results from our time-bound efforts.’ (Jordan Raynor  & Jen Wilkin— also, see Philippians 1:6). After reading these words, I realized the false pressure I had put on myself to race to the finish line, always looking to the future to make sure I will finish the work set out for me, rather than embracing what God is doing in the present. Once I released this weight, I noticed that my work became more meaningful and productive and that I’m no longer afraid that I will be a disappointment if I die before completing the vision God has given me!

“See then that you walk exactly, not as the unwise, but as the wise, redeeming the time, because the days are wicked.” ~ Ephesians 5;15-16 (TS2009)

If you are one of the many people who feel as though the waves of busyness and noise are constantly pummeling you underwater, I cannot recommend Redeeming Your Time enough!



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