Sometimes it’s the book we don’t think we need that is the most impactful! Back in 2016, my mom bought Uninvited after connecting with the subject matter; however, not being much of a reader, the book made its way to my shelf where it has sat for the last four years. As someone who doesn’t struggle with rejection — at least, I thought I didn’t — I picked up Uninvited in hopes of having something encouraging to read before bed each night. Little did I know, this book was going to challenge my thinking and allow God to reveal things in my life that I had no idea were there!

Sharing her testimony of rejection and pain, Lysa TerKeurst writes an open and honest account of the things God has shown her over the years. With wisdom poured into each page, she recounts past experiences that made her feel as though she were worthless, unloved, unwanted, unaccepted, and uninvited. Lies and deceptions have the power to take us away from the truth, and Lysa tackles each of these topics in this incredible book!

Uninvited fell into my lap at just the right moment. In the two months it took me to read through this book, I felt the Lord push me to recognize, confront, heal, and grow from the rejections, lies, and other deceptive seeds Satan had planted over the years.

This book has transformed my perspective on many things, but the one that stood out to me the most was discerning how much I craved to be consoled by others rather than always being on the giving end. Reading this book made it feel like I had found that friend who would listen and give a sincere, heartfelt response. I know that a book can’t really be a companion, but I believe that Uninvited was God’s way of saying, “You’ve been looking for someone to encourage and listen to you, when I’ve been here all along!

Even today, a few weeks after finishing Uninvited, God is continuing to use Lysa’s book to draw out the parts of my life that are not following His Word!


We can’t rely on others to be our constant support; they’ve got their own lives to figure out. And that truth has never hit me harder until I read chapter four.

People don’t mind doing CPR on a crisis victim, but no person is equipped to be the constant lifeline to another.”

Lysa TerKeurst’s story and life lessons can apply to us all! Every one of us has faced rejection and defeat, but we don’t have to allow those experiences to become our identity. Lysa spent years believing that she was not good enough, but as God unveiled each layer, she learned that life with Jesus means we will never be uninvited!


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