The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane (Book One)

“Will you trust him despite your circumstances? Will you depend on him rather than yourself? For in the end, everyone else will fail you—including yourself.” ~ Michelle Griep

The connection someone makes with a book is unbreakable. Absorbed into the storyline, a reader not only becomes one with the characters but dives into the pages, encompassing the new world around them. Though bookworms, such as myself, jump from book to book, our hearts hold onto the stories that make a lasting impact, forever changed by a plot or lesson learned through incredible works of fiction. The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane was one of those books for me.

“Failure is fatal only to those who refuse to learn from it, for only One has lived who was perfect. The question is not if you will fail. Rather, will you let God redeem your failure for good, turning your end into His beginning?” ~ Michelle Griep

London, 1885. Jackson Forge has just arrived in the big city to report for duty for the very first time. Haunted by a horrific attack that took place when he was a boy, Jackson is determined to become a renowned constable, keeping the streets of London safe from danger. However, his first day on the job gets off to a rocky start, and it seems that Jackson is doomed to fail before he’s even begun. With men going missing by the day and his job hanging by a thread, Jackson jumps at the chance to locate a missing jarvey, hoping to prove his worth and secure his place on the force. Will Jackson be able to find the man in the allotted time? And, what of the bargain he made with the woman who swindled him days earlier? Has he made a deal with the devil, or did God guide them to one another?

“His blue eyes bored into hers. ‘I am not certain, Miss Turner, if you and your skills are an answer to prayer, or if you are merely a temptress designed for my downfall.'” ~ Michelle Griep

Kit Turner is angry. At the world. At God. Abandoned as an infant, she had no choice but to fight for survival in the unforgiving streets of London. Becoming a Robin Hood-like figure, Kit is often falsely accused of thievery as she uses her deftness to provide for the poor living in Blackfriar’s Lane. All she yearns to do is the right thing, so when her friend goes missing, Kit will do whatever it takes to track him down — even if that means joining forces with a man of the navy blue cloth.

“Just as there were no angels on Angel Lane, neither did God visit this squalid corner of the earth, leaving Kit to do His work.” ~ Michelle Griep

Embarking on a journey that will take them into the heart of the city, Jackson and Kit will need to work together to unravel the mysteries hidden in the darkest, often smelliest, parts of London. Throughout this perilous mission, the pair’s inner doubts and convictions will challenge their faith and allegiance, compelling them to decide whether or not they will embrace God’s purpose and love promised to all who trust in Him!

“Measuring God by how people—even godly people—have mistreated you is not a good measuring stick. Man will always betray, forget, malign, misjudge, abandon—but God remains steady and dependable. Of course that requires you depend upon Him to begin with. Do you?” ~ Michelle Griep

The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane was riveting! My first 5-star novel of 2021, I found it engaging, thrilling, mysterious, and addictive! Every time I closed my Kindle, I wanted to reopen it, shrugging away the need to sleep for one more chapter (or maybe three)! The writing was extraordinary; each word perfectly describes every emotion, action, and scene! I could feel the grime on my skin and smell the filth as I walked with Jackson and Kit through the sewers and docks of London. Their chemistry was electric, and the suspense kept me enthralled the entire way through!

As an introduction to Michelle Griep’s work, I must say that she has me hooked! The way she incorporated faith into the storyline allowed me to resonate with the characters and added an element to the storytelling most Christian authors miss. Reading The Thief of Blackfriar’s Lane reminded me of why I write — for the glory of God — and the importance of openly speaking the truth rather than glazing over it. I couldn’t be more impressed with this thrilling tale and cannot wait to dive into Michelle Griep’s other work! Will there be part two of Jackson and Kit’s story? Pray, tell me there will be!

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