The Summer We Forgot

Caroline George is a Young Adult author to keep an eye on! While many YA novels have become overly scandalous and immodest, Caroline once again blows the roof off of the house with her clean, youthful, captivating narratives! Gripping your attention from the opening police statement, The Summer We Forgot is a murder mystery perfect for teens that will keep you on your toes until the end!

“Still, if someone wants to forget you, they don’t hold on to a piece of you. He kept a piece of me.”
“There were girls, and there was her. There could only ever be her.” ~ Caroline George

Darcy and Morgan used to be best friends… Until he betrayed her. However, they weren’t the only ones affected by what happened two summers ago. Along with their relationship, their friend group was torn apart, each choosing their loyalties or drifting away completely. Separated by time and space, it’s not until their forgotten past is dug out of the marsh that they are reunited for a summer of secrets, danger, murder, and forbidden love.

“Two summers ago. A memory opens in my mind, a door creaking on its hinges to emit a ribbon glow. We are gathered on a dock, all of us, under a pitch sky, surrounded by inky water. We gaze at each other as we do now. And in that darkness, we make an oath.” ~ Caroline George

Will Darcy, Morgan, and their friends survive the summer, or will their lost memories cause them to do things they never thought they were capable of? Moreover, can their friendships be restored to what they once were, or will the truth cause an even greater divide of mistrust, hurt, and betrayal?

“Everyone here plays—or played—a role in my life. Their faces pepper my scrapbooks and social media feeds. They remember me like I remember them. We wrote a history book, then burned the pages.” ~ Caroline George

The Summer We Forgot is a beautiful, haunting homage to being a teenager. I think one of the conversations Darcy has with Morgan perfectly describes the feel of this book:

“High school is four years. Think about that. If you lived to a hundred, high school would only take up four percent of your life. No time at all. So, why does high school define a lot? Why do its memories weigh heavy?”
“Because we go into it not knowing who we are, and we allow others to tell us,” I say. “But now’s our chance to unlisten.” ~ Caroline George

When we’re young, we want to experience as much as possible. Summers, especially are the time for teens to make their mark on the world, but they rarely end without scars, mistakes, and regrets forming alongside the milestones. The Summer We Forgot is that kind of book.

Having a way with words I can only dream of having, Caroline George brought the story to life with her poetic descriptions, gripping plot twists, and showstopping one-liners her talents shining on each page of this novel! Whether you’re on the beach soaking in the sun’s rays, or snuggled by the fire while it snows outside, The Summer We Forgot will transport you to a time where being young means everything is new, exciting and scary!

If you’re a fan of Outer Banks or One of Us is Lying, you’ll LOVE The Summer We Forgot!

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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Positive Content
Godly Element
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Ages: 15+

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