God is My Hiding Place: 40 Devotions for Refuge and Strength

Corrie ten Boom is renowned for her book, The Hiding Place. After being imprisoned in Ravensbrück during WWII for hiding Jews, Corrie took shelter under her Savior’s wings, holding tightly to the promises of His Word. Through incredible loss and hardship, Corrie survived and dedicated the rest of her life to writing and sharing the Gospel with the world.

Are you feeling defeated? Maybe you’re longing to draw closer to God but aren’t sure where to begin?

God is My Hiding Place: 40 Devotions for Refuge and Strength takes a deep look into Corrie’s writings, sharing wisdom that will open your eyes to the love and faithfulness of God, renewing your strength to persevere another day! Filled with the Holy Spirit, Corrie’s writings will touch your heart, and the power and truth of God’s presence will feed your soul!

I have always been reserved when it comes to reading devotionals. They are either a hit or miss; however, God is My Hiding Place is a home run! Every day, I looked forward to uncovering more of Corrie’s life story — her time in Ravensbrück, ministering worldwide, and personal testimony. With great insight and encouragement, Corrie’s life reminds us that no matter how alone, helpless, weak, or lost we feel, God IS watching over us and covering us with His wings!

Corrie ten Boom went through struggles most of us will never know; yet, she was not broken. The Lord sustained her, and He wants to do the same for you! Touching on topics that affect all of us, this devotional will not only be the ladder out of the pit of darkness you might have fallen into but provide light to show you the way forward.

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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