I Still Believe

Writing a review about a memoir or biography feels like I’m sitting on a throne with a golden scepter declaring, “This is my judgment of your life!” It’s a strange scenario and one that I do not wish to partake in. No one can understand what you have gone through better than yourself. You can write a book and explain everything, but only you can feel the true pain and love of those memories!

Jeremy Camp’s testimony started at a young age. The path God planned for him is one that many aren’t able to walk down, but He knew that Jeremy and Melissa’s story would change the world and, with His strength, Jeremy has been able to share God’s grace and love all over the world! We all have stories to tell, and God has used Jeremy’s life to minister to millions through bestselling songs, a memoir, and a motion-picture film!

Even amid indescribable pain, there is hope! Melissa may not have lived a long life, but her testimony continues to be heard around the world and inspire many!

“Even when I cannot speak, I still believe.”

The lyrics, the story, and the music are nuggets of the incredible work God has done in Jeremy Camp’s life. It was so inspiring to read his story and feel the heartbreak and longing he experienced during his marriage with Melissa. Standing the test of faith, Jeremy’s relationship with God shines throughout this memoir, and I was so encouraged by his words. After taking a moment to soak it all in, I went back to listen to his old songs and heard his words in a completely new light!

I Still Believe is an incredible book that will stretch your faith and cause you to look at your own life to see how God has been with you. God is faithful, and while we may go through seasons where we don’t know where he is, God continues to remind us that he is always with us!

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