Word of Encouragement: Matthew 9:37

Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

I’m seeing so many people declaring the end of the world and preaching about the times we’re living in, but very few are speaking about pressing into the present! Instead, you have “prophets” looking up at the sky, watching the news for more “signs,” and encouraging people to store up provisions for the coming tribulation (whatever happened to ‘storing up treasures in heaven?)

With so much noise comes confusion, and I feel like people are struggling to know what they should be doing at this time. Yes, we live in a precarious era, but the last time I checked, that doesn’t mean our stories have come to an end, or our work is any less important! The present is HERE, and it’s not to be wasted! I don’t believe this is the hour for isolation or “running for the hills,” but of proclamation and obedience! Now is the time to be honing in on the work God has called us to do and shining a light as we bring glory to His name and serve others!

Where are the people willing to step out of their bubbles and minister to the lost and searching? Where are the ones who will share HOPE and LOVE rather than fear and condemnation? Where are the groups that will shout Yeshua’s name and be a testimony to the rest of the world?

The lost are waiting to meet their Savior, but how can they hear the true gospel if we’re locking ourselves up prematurely, condemning those living in the world, and only associating with like-minded believers? Let’s get to work in the harvest fields and be a VOICE in the sea of confusion, fear, sickness, unbelief, and hatred!

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