Word of Encouragement: John 7:37-38

Are you thirsty? 💦 Do you feel withered in the scorching heat of the world’s expectations? 🥵 Maybe you’ve been asking the Father for help while still drinking from the well of this world.

Yeshua tells us that all who drink from Him will never thirst again, but what does this mean? How can we partake in such sweet refreshments?
I used to think that by coming to the Father one time, my thirst would be quenched. Nevertheless, time and time again, I would leave the Lord’s presence and, in no time, feel as though I was walking in the barren wilderness. It wasn’t until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the truth that I began to feel the rivers of living water flowing within me!

How we structure our day and live our lives matters! On the outside, we can act like godly people, but the Father looks at the heart and desires to have a deeper relationship with Him. What fruit are you producing?

When we incorporate the Holy Spirit into our everyday lives, basking in His glory and denying our flesh the fruits that are not of Him, a newfound joy will fill us, and our mindset will begin to change. Rather than allowing our struggles, stress, or fear to dictate how we see or live our lives, by learning to lay it at the Father’s feet, we will not only bring glory to our Savior, but our light will shine bright in the face of adversity!

Invite Yeshua into your daily activities and allow His Word to flow through you! We don’t have to crawl to the Bible for replenishment because the Holy Spirit dwells within us, and He is inviting us to be filled every second of every day! So, what are you waiting for, run to the Father and drink from the well that won’t run dry!

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