Peacebunny Island

Hugs, Hope, & Hoppiness

Get ready for your heart to swell with bunny fever as you read Peacebunny Island, an incredible memoir about a sixteen-year-old boy’s mission to save endangered rabbits, spread awareness, and train bunnies to console people needing a spark of hoppiness in their lives.

“I introduced people to rabbits, and the rabbits connected me with people.” ~ Caleb Smith

Caleb Smith was eight-years-old when he had a vision of starting a business to breed rare heritage-breed rabbits and help prevent pet abandonment. With an open heart, Caleb and his family welcomed the first members of the Peacebunny colony into their lives, beginning a journey that would send them across the country to comfort those in disaster zones and educate people on the incredible animals that have the ability to speak to our souls.

Taking readers along for the ride, Peacebunny Island trails back to the beginning of Caleb’s epic adventure, introducing us to people and bunnies who will go from strangers to friends in a matter of 260 pages! Along the way, Caleb faces many ups and downs, which he writes about with maturity and clarity, reminding us all that we are God’s ambassadors and everything ultimately belongs to Him! From his family home, where the story begins, to the frontlines of the Parkland high school shooting, Caleb recalls the amazing narratives of how his Peacebunnies are changing the world, one whisker kiss at a time.

“I did not own the rabbits. God did. I just helped take care of them.” ~ Caleb Smith

The moment I saw the cover of Peacebunny Island, I knew I needed to read this book! A bunny enthusiast myself, I didn’t think my heart could love these creatures more, but after I finished Caleb’s story, I discovered newfound respect and awe for these furry friends (shout out to Whatchamacallit and Tator Tot for making me laugh and cry). Caleb’s writing in Peacebunny Island exuded his God-given wisdom. His descriptions of the last eight years, along with his vigor to build something that is making a difference at such a young age, were not only inspiring but eye-opening.

Two key points that I loved from the book were, “The way we care for each other and our animals is a reflection of what’s in our hearts, and over the long term, what’s in our hearts has more of an impact than what’s in our bank account.” And, “If you worry too much about what might happen in the future, you might miss out on what’s happening right in front of you.” These wise words reminded me of the purpose we have on this earth, and Caleb stewards these teachings through the work he is doing with Peacebunny Island. God doesn’t want us to waste a moment of our precious time; He is calling us to serve others and bring glory to Him (Ephesians 3:20)!

Humorous, touching, and encouraging, Peacebunny Island is a fantastic book that will remind readers that it’s never wrong or too late to dream big and pursue the calling God has laid on your heart! Caleb is a trailblazer, and I pray that through reading his memoir, others will catch Caleb’s fire to spread God’s love through whatever they have been called to do.

“Peacebunny Island, wherever it happened, would be a place for people to create real stories together of kindness, healing, connection, and love – all the things people seem to struggle with yet bunnies know intuitively.” ~ Caleb Smith

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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