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“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends.” ~ John 15:15

Jennie Allen returns with a new book, Find Your People. Focusing on building community and connections in this lonely world, Jennie opens up the Scriptures and explores relationships in different cultures to set the tone of this book. Full of insightful advice, questions to help you go deeper with friends, and personal testimony of how community has changed Jennie and her family’s lives, this book will awaken your desire to break out of your comfort zone and make friends wherever you go!

“From the moment you were born until you take your last breath, deep, authentic connection is the thing your soul most craves.” ~ Jennie Allen

We were not created to be alone. From the day God made Adam, He knew that man needed a partner. This desire has not changed; however, in an era that teaches us to be independent, community is becoming less about doing life together and serving one another through thick and thin and more about surface-level relationships to fill the void. Yet, are we so disconnected that building community is a thing of the past? Jennie Allen says no, and I couldn’t agree more!

“I want you to not only find your inner circle but to find a village where you can know and serve and to be served and known. I want you to find your people.” ~ Jennie Allen

With depression, anxiety, loneliness, and mental health issues on the rise, it’s evident that the answer to living a content and healthy life isn’t found in isolation. We need each other now more than ever, but how do we find the right people to get intimate with? How do we build trust and relationships when we’re afraid to be vulnerable and often give up after a disagreement? Find Your People challenges believers to let go of fear and past hurt to embrace the people around us who are also crying out for community and relationships.

“You and I need friends who, instead of trying to fix us, help us to fix our eyes more firmly on Jesus.” ~ Jennie Allen

Even though this book felt like it was targeting Americans, I found many points helpful and encouraging. After struggling to build friendships in a country where I don’t speak the language, Find Your People was the perfect book to inspire me to break out of isolation. Friends can be found anywhere, and though your community might not look the way you expected, it doesn’t make it any less significant.

“Friendships take time—a lot of time. A lot of working it out. A lot of showing up. A lot of cleaning out closets. A lot of tears. A lot of laughter. A lot of food. A lot of inconvenience.” ~ Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen’s honest, raw, and uncut confessions allowed me to feel like I was going on this journey with her. No one has all of the answers, so I really appreciated how Jennie opened the book with an admission that she was still learning to implement everything written in Find Your People. Too many people claim to know it all, but Jennie admits her faults and struggles while always bringing readers back to the One who DOES know it all — Yeshua! Of course, I didn’t agree with all of her points — especially a few of her thoughts on small groups. While I think it’s vital that we hold one another accountable and have a group to commune and confide in, sometimes we go too extreme and take the headship from God, bestowing it on a pastor or leader instead. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book each morning, and hope it will inspire people around the world to search for depth rather than settling for floating in the shallows (shout out to Michael Todd – click here to watch his sermon).

“Jesus not only provides the means to live a full, thriving life with each other and with Father God, He also modeled how it would look! He chose to come to earth not only to die for our sins but to show us how to live as children of God.” ~ Jennie Allen

Find Your People is just the book we need to read in 2022! As Covid restrictions decrease and the world starts to open up again, it’s time to shine the light of Yeshua into the world and be proactive in reaching out to those around us. I love what Jennie Allen writes, “Remember, the enemy wants to shut you down, make you afraid to initiate, cause you to not prioritize the people right in front of you. He wants us to live surrounded by people but never deeply connected to them, so we don’t change, we don’t grow, we don’t even fully live—and we mostly end up stuck in self-pity about how we don’t have any friends when dozens of people in front of us certainly would welcome someone reaching out to them at the very least.”

So, let’s stop being the people who wave at their neighbors but never take a few minutes to get to know them, ending friendships over the slightest disagreements, or isolating ourselves because we fear getting hurt again.

It’s time we break the carnal desire to do things ourselves. It’s time to get out there. It’s time to FIND YOUR PEOPLE!

“God’s idea of community is deep, intentional, day-in and day-out connection, loving at all times, bearing with one another, sticking closer than siblings, naming every sin, running our races together, encouraging each other as long as it is called today.” ~ Jennie Allen

*Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with a pre-release copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!*

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