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For the last two years, I’ve been following Cole and Savannah LaBrant on social media. Their videos used to appear on my news feed regularly. I loved watching Cole’s Vines and Savannah’s Musically videos with Everleigh, her daughter. However, it wasn’t until they started vlogging together that I became a weekly follower of their adorable videos! 

In their autobiography, Cole & Sav, Cole and Savannah beautifully share their love story and their journey to become a family. It’s incredible how God puts things into play for two people to meet in the unlikeliest of places. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cole and Savannah share their perspectives on their first meeting, the beginning of their relationship, and their wedding. It warmed my heart to hear Cole talk about Everleigh like he was always meant to be her dad and listen to Savannah’s thoughts on Cole and Ev’s father-daughter bond.

Cole and Savannah are an inspiring young couple who are great role models for people seeking to live pure and godly lives. I am so pleased they wrote this book and are openly sharing their testimonies with the world. My only request is that their next book includes Everleigh’s point of view; I’d love to hear her voice in the next audiobook!

When I finished Cole & Sav, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book continued with a 14-Day devotional. Each day focused on a paragraph from the book and asked profound, thought-provoking questions followed by a Scripture. I did this devotion with my mom, and we loved hearing each other’s answers. It was a great bonding and soul-searching two weeks. 

Each morning, we took about 30 minutes to read, ponder, and answer the questions, not limiting our answers to single sentences. Some days were longer than others, but each day had something new and intriguing to bring to the table. My favorite question they asked was, “How would you describe your soul?” Who asks that?!

Cole and Savannah are a beautiful couple. I pray that their story inspires thousands and helps those struggling with following the Lord or maintaining a long-distance relationship. This is a book I am already recommending to my friends!

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