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I began reading the Alex Rider series more than ten years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites. My obsession started after watching the movie Operation Stormbreaker, an adaptation of the first book, and it only grew stronger as I dove into the series. Each book is more intense, action-packed, and exciting than the next. With incredible writing and perilous missions, there is so much to love about the Alex Rider series! In fact, before reading this series, I wasn’t a bookworm, but after finishing the first nine books, my love for reading was ignited, and I haven’t stopped reading since. For years, I have searched for a book series as outstanding as Alex Rider, and while I have found some that came close, nothing has continued to capture my heart through each era of my life like Alex Rider! One day, I hope to write as interactive, descriptive, and gripping as Anthony Horowitz!

This phenomenal series follows fourteen-year-old Alex Rider, whose world is turned upside down after his uncle’s sudden death. Catapulted into a whole new world, Alex can’t believe that his uncle is not the man he thought he was. In fact, not only was Alex’s uncle a spy, but he had secretly been training Alex to follow in his footsteps. Desperate for another operative to enter the field, MI6 recruits Alex to finish the mission his uncle died trying to complete; however, what was supposed to be one mission turns into multiple, and Alex quickly becomes one of MI6’s top agents.

Alex Rider is a gripping, action-packed series that is great for teens who love adventure, peril, and action. One of my favorite things about reading these books is the detail Anthony Horowitz puts into the storylines. He not only describes everything Alex is doing, but he takes us inside Alex’s mind to explain how he creates his epic escapes and fight scenes. When I read those scenes, I feel as though I’m watching it all unfold — like in the movie Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr., where Sherlock does a step-by-step in slow motion before the scene plays in real-time.

In 2011, Anthony Horowitz announced that he had finished writing the Alex Rider series; however, in 2017, he once again picked up his pen and continued Alex’s story with Never Say Die and Nightshade (with more books to come – fingers crossed). The child inside of me burst with excitement when I learned there would be more Alex Rider books! Even in my 20’s, I am still in love with this series and connect with Alex even though there is now a seven-year age gap between us. Even if you never read another book again, I implore you to try the Alex Rider series!

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