100 Days of Sunlight

Abbie Emmons is a breath of fresh air! An incredibly talented author, her debut novel, 100 Days of Sunlight, is a unique page-turner that takes readers on a journey to learn what it means to be live without limitations. Full of hope, love, and perseverance, the story shines as bright as its cover. Encompassing what it means to be alive and whole, this novel will knock the socks off your feet (some pun intended) and sweep you into a world where giving up is not an option.

Sixteen-year-old Tessa Dickinson is angry and afraid. After losing her eyesight in a car accident, she feels like her world has ended forever. Despite the doctor’s claims that her vision should return within a hundred days, she has little hope. Succumb to the darkness of her new reality, Tessa sinks into herself with no motivation to do what she loves the most, write poetry. Will she ever see the brightness of life again, or will the fear and sorrow of her circumstances prevent her from experiencing the world in a new and exciting way?

Weston Ludovico is a daredevil who looks at the world with hopeful possibility. Having lost both of his legs, Weston knows what it’s like to be treated as though your disability defines you. Fed up of being seen for what he lacks, when Weston sees an ad to be a blind teen’s typist, he jumps at the opportunity; however, he has one condition, Tessa cannot know about his legs or lack thereof. Will Weston succeed in showing Tessa that there are more ways to experience the world than through sight? And how will she react when she learns the secret he’s been keeping from her?

100 Days of Sunlight is a phenomenal coming-of-age story! Tessa and Weston are the unlikeliest of pairs, yet their personalities mesh into the perfect combination of safety and risk. With words as smooth as silk and emotions as raging as a storm, this novel is one of the best I’ve read this year! Abbie Emmons knows how to absorb a reader into her pages, giving just enough detail that the scenes are clear in our minds. Sweet, challenging, and inspiring, 100 Days of Sunlight is perfect for teens and adults alike! If that doesn’t intrigue you, there’s even a Spotify playlist you can listen to as you devour the pages of this book! Step into Tessa and Weston’s world and open your senses to all that life has to offer, no matter how many punches have been thrown your way.


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“The word trembles inside my chest, nervous, like a fledgling bird unsure of how to fly. I am the fledgling bird unsure of how to reply, but the wind tastes wild and sweet up here in the trees. I want to know what will happen if I just let go. I want to know what will happen if I fly.” ~ Abbie Emmons

“But now sunlight is a ghost, felt not seen. Warm and patchy and inconsistent. That’s all it is. That’s all it ever was.” ~ Abbie Emmons

“Letting go feels like giving up, but if you don’t let go, you’ll drown.” ~ Abbie Emmons


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