Word of Encouragement: Matthew 6:6

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How often do you pray? Do you find yourself speaking to God only when things aren’t going well?

It’s an immediate reaction after hearing that someone is sick or if you’re applying for a job you like, but what about the days when things are going great? Don’t you think God wants to hear about the positive parts of your life as well?

Ephesians 6 says that we are to pray in the Spirit on all occasions, not just when we find our faith wavering. Don’t wait for a disaster or sad event to happen before talking to God; He wants to speak to you now and hear what is on your heart. God is with you through all things, the stressful and the joyful moments.

There isn’t a time limit; even if you only pray for a couple of minutes, you’ll be surprised at the revelations that come your way. Going into your room, closing the door, and opening your ears to hear what God has to say to you will help you learn more about yourself than when a crowd of people surrounds you.

So, today, take a couple of minutes to thank God for this beautiful day and tell Him about what is going on in your life. Make sure you also give Him time to say something to you. We can feel so self-conscious that we think that every second needs to be filled with words, but sometimes silence could be the key to unlocking the combination you’ve been having a hard time remembering.

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