Word of Encouragement: Matthew 5:14,16

Has anyone ever told you, “There’s something different about you”? Have you tried to respond to that remark by asking what they think that difference is?

When we begin our walk of faith and ask Jesus/Yeshua to rule in our lives, a flame is sparked within us that has the potential to shine throughout the world! Becoming a new creation means that the Holy Spirit dwells inside us, teaching us and guiding us in the way we should go. As we live by the Word, not only do our lives change, but people will start to notice something unique about us.

Believers do not belong to the world; instead, we are called to be outsiders, walking in Yeshua’s footsteps and spreading the love of God wherever we go! One of the coolest parts is that we don’t always need to speak to shine the light of Yeshua! Our actions speak louder than words, and just by acting out the fruits of the spirit, we can make a difference and be a testimony of God’s existence!

If you feel like you are on the outside looking in, I want to encourage you that you are getting one of the best seats in the house. Though it may seem lonely or like you don’t matter, I can assure you that people are watching!

So, how are you going to shine your light today? Our attitudes matter, and when we begin to see life through the eyes of the Father, the light inside of us will only get brighter! “Let your light shine for all to see! Start a fire in my soul, fan the flame, and make it grow, so there’s no doubt or denying!” ~ Unspoken

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