Word of Encouragement: Mark 9:35

Being on top feels great at first. Winning a competition, getting the last word, or being the only certain one in a group of doubters can be self-gratifying; but, when the rush wears off, the fruit produced in the glory of the moment is not usually sweet.

How many times have you noticed yourself saying, “I told you so,” when a situation turned out exactly like you said it would? Think of how you felt in that moment, and then imagine the person on the receiving end. Do you think you made them feel good about the situation or discouraged about their slow pace or lack of faith? It might have taken the other person longer to get to where you already were, but that doesn’t mean God wasn’t using the journey to teach them a great lesson in trust, obedience, and faith!

As the body of the Messiah, we are called to be an encouragement and a servant to all. How can we do this if we lift ourselves higher than our fellow brothers and sisters every time we reach a destination first? Rather than humbling ourselves and being a stepping stone for growth, our pride becomes a stumbling block for those seeking the will of God. Now, I’m not saying that being a winner is wrong; however, we do need to be careful about the fruit our hearts produce in moments of victory and breakthrough.

You might’ve won the short race, but where will you be in the long run? Will you remain humble when God leads you ahead of others, or will you allow your pride to take control?

Life is a race, but it’s not about who comes out first; it’s about bringing glory and trusting the One running beside you while also showing humility and servitude to those you meet along the way!

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