Word of Encouragement: Ephesians 4:12

Let God Write Your Love Story

There’s a massive stigma around young women in their 20’s remaining single. It’s as if the invisible biological clock begins ticking for all to hear, and there’s no time to waste. People talk, and rumors start to swirl about why a young woman is not in a relationship or focused on finding a spouse. Ya’ll, the pressure is real!

This week, I found myself looking at pictures of those who have gotten married and had babies this year. It’s as if everyone is creating a family while I’m still searching for a guy to date! The more I scrolled, the more I asked, “God, why her? Why not me?” As I drowned in these thoughts, I felt the Father remind me that the fairytale pictures are not telling the whole story, and we can’t compare our journeys with others.

Who do you want to write your love story?

Some young women get so nervous that they’re running out of time that they begin playing God, becoming impatient in the waiting and doubtful for the future.

I am determined to live my life for God and am in no rush to get hitched, though the pressures do wear me down at times. Being content in singleness is a gift, and there is nothing better than God revealing your help-meet while doing His work! When we try to find a partner without God’s guidance, we miss a crucial element that holds everything together. Without God as the third member of any relationship, it will not last. I’ve seen too many “two-strand” relationships fall apart because they excluded God, and I don’t want that to be me.

Please do not lose faith when you see others getting married and having a family; their story is not yours, and God has something special planned for you. He knows your heart and hears your prayers. Hold onto Him, and when you finally have your meet-cute, remember Ecclesiastes 4:12!

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