There You’ll Find Me

“To truly try means to accept God’s love, his healing, to accept the world can be ugly, but your heart doesn’t have to be. It takes courage, Finley, the warrior. You haven’t held on to your anger and bitterness in search of healing but as a banner of your hurt. Because it’s real and visible and strong, ” she said. “But so is God’s love and so are those arms he’s holding out for you.” ~ Jenny B. Jones

Books are created for various reasons; however, one of the most profound, I believe, is to spark inspiration in people’s lives. On three occasions, There You’ll Find Me has been that kind of book for me! After accidentally stumbling upon it a couple of years ago, it has become an unplanned tradition to read it every two years. Each time I dive into this incredible story, I learn something new about myself and receive the answers I’ve been asking God to reveal to me!

There You’ll Find Me focuses on a grief-stricken eighteen-year-old girl named Finley Sinclair. After the tragic death of her older brother, Will, Finley no longer knows who she is. Feeling hopelessly lost, all she wants to do is find herself and hear God speak to her again; instead, silence is all that surrounds her. Believing the only way to conquer this quest of self-discovery and spiritual restoration is to go to Ireland and explore the places Will said he felt the closest to God, Finley leaves her family and flies across the sea to study a semester abroad. With the guide of her brother’s journal, she sets out to follow in his footsteps; however, things don’t go as Finley planned.

With no car, Finley has no choice but to accept the deal Becket Rush, the world’s biggest teen-heartthrob offers. After meeting him on the plane, Finley had hoped to never set eyes on the arrogant actor again; but, when do we ever get what we wish for? Coming to a mutual understanding, Beckett agrees to drive Finley to the places on her list in exchange for her becoming his assistant during the shoot of his upcoming movie. Will Finley find the hope she’s looking for and finish her composition before her big audition, or will the challenges she battles force her to leave more empty than she came?

A charming young adult novel, There You’ll Find Me contains more than a cute love story. The first time I read this book, I was surprised at the level of spirituality and truth sew into its pages. God used Jenny B. Jones’ words to speak directly to me, pulling me out of the funk I’d been in. As I read, Finley and I became intertwined, and all of the emotions exuding from the pages seemed to pour over me as though God was also unlocking my heart along with Finley’s!

There You’ll Find Me is an excellent novel for young teens, but also for those who enjoy clean books with real topics and powerful messages. I recommend it to all the girls searching to hear God’s voice, dealing with loss, or struggling with body image. This book deserves to be praised and re-read as often as possible! It’s a diamond in the rough, and I hope you’ll appreciate it as much as I do!

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There You’ll Find Me was made into a movie!!! Check out the movie trailer:

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  1. Garry and Vicki - Reply

    A wonderful movie based on a wonderful story.
    We were blown away by the ultimate message given for Findley
    A movie worth seeing, very inspiring

    • Inspire-Truth - Reply

      Thanks for your comment! I am looking forward to seeing the movie, but I’ll have to wait until it’s available to rent since I’m not in the States. Did the movie stay true to the book’s faith roots? That was one of the things I was concerned about when I heard it was being made into a movie since the Holy Spirit was so prevalent in the narrative!

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