The Happiest Man On Earth

“My dear new friend, I have lived for a century and I know what it is to stare evil in the face. I have seen the very worst in mankind. The horrors of the death camps, the Nazis effort to exterminate my life and the lives of all my people. But I now consider myself the happiest man on earth. Through all of my years, I have learned this: Life can be beautiful if you make it beautiful.” ~ Eddie Jaku

The Holocaust is one of the darkest events in history. While every account and novel based on this brutal time is different, they all carry the same heaviness of pain, loss, and sorrow. All, except The Happiest Man on Earth. Shining a light amid the brutality and hardship, readers are given an entirely new perspective of survival and life through Eddie Jaku’s life. While we all battle feelings of despair, Eddie never allowed those emotions to keep him down for long. Surviving the harshest conditions and living more than a century, his legacy is one of positivity and hope rather than bitterness and loss.

“I will tell you my story. It is a sad one in parts with great darkness and great sorrow, but it is a happy story in the end because happiness is something we can choose. It’s up to you. I will show you how.” ~ Eddie Jaku

The Happiest Man on Earth is more than a memoir, it’s a reminder to all of us that while life might not always be sparkly or joyful, there is always beauty to be found. From cherishing our loved ones to doing a kind act of service for a stranger, we are on this earth to support one another. Eddie Jaku’s life is a testament to this.

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